The Silkgarden, a resort by Shenzen Rongor Design and Consultant

Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant,

Jing Xu-Feng,

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An extremely complex project with total faith in the designer. Qin Yue-Ming has created the Guangxi Silkgarden Resort: from the garden to the water features and from the exterior spaces to the interior design, with every single detail managed by just one designer.

The Silkgarden, a resort by Shenzen Rongor Design and Consultant

The project by the Shenzen Rongor Design studio is extremely complex and is also a symbol of the trust that the owner placed in the designer. With over 25000 m2 of surfaces, the Guangxi Silkgarden Resort and Spa is one of the largest and most luxurious wellness centres in the whole of China, and every detail from the planning to the landscape and interior design was managed by the same person: Qin Yue-Ming.

The vast surface area of the Silkgarden Resort has been divided into three areas: the guest area, dining & meeting area and the wellness centre, linked by their garden, which has been created using thousand-year-old Chinese tradition.

The interiors also maintain their link with Chinese tradition through the use of building techniques and local materials, as well as through decoration, made up of ideograms and typical furniture items. There are large spaces with high ceilings where attention has been paid to the smallest details, to give a feeling of luxury and relaxation. Yue-Ming’s main aim in the design was to find a new way to combine contemporary architecture and technology with the essence of Chinese tradition, with its delicate peace and Zenharmony.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2016
Place: Xiangzhou, Guangxi, China
Area: 25000㎡
Designer: Qin Yue-Ming - Shenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant
Photos: Jing Xu-Feng


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