Dapour 100 Eatery and Bar by Alvin T

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alvinT is the professional name of Alvin Tjitrowirjo, an Indonesian interior and furniture designer who is determined to export the design culture and aesthetics of his country internationally. Dapour 100 is one of his projects and represents Indonesia 100%.

Dapour 100 Eatery and Bar by Alvin T

The young interior and furniture designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo, or alvinT, as he is known, wants to raise the profile of contemporary Indonesian design. By working with hotels and places with a wealth of tourism, like Dapour 100, and participating in international events like the Milan Design Week, he is exporting his name and philosophy worldwide.

AlvinT creates all-round interior design projects that are often filled with furniture items he has designed himself, like tables, chairs, lights and Batik patterns inspired by Indonesian culture and created in native materials like rattan, a very hard and malleable wood similar to wicker.

For the Dapour 100 Eatery and Bar, Tjitrowirjo has employed a completely contemporary Indonesian vision. Batik is used for the walls of the restaurant’s textile panels, while enormous rattan lights dominate the ceiling. There is a bright atmosphere, thanks to the windows that cover the whole side of the space, while the bar counter is home to another piece of tradition: a collection of Kendi, typical Indonesian water jugs.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Hotel Atlet Century Parka, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Design: Alvin T - http://www.alvin-t.com/
Year: 2015
Photos: Courtesy of the architect


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