Curve Cutting by Co-Direction Interior Design

Co-Direction Interior Design,

Jing Xu-Feng,

Dongguan, China,

Design, contemporary,

Interior Design,

If you want to stand out and be noticed in the world of fashion, you need to underline your individuality, say the Chinese designers of Co-Direction. And in the Curve Cutting hairstyling salon they emphasise the curved lines that are so trendy in both fashion and architecture today.

Curve Cutting by Co-Direction Interior Design

When you think of an exclusive hairstyling location, the first thing that comes to mine is fashion. And this was the starting point for the Chinese designers of Co-Direction in their plans for Curve Cutting, Savour Dalang’s new salon.

The need for visual and spatial experience that keeps customers coming back is given material form in the curved line, an element considered trendy in Chinese fashion, hairstyling and architecture. Visitors entering the Curve Cutting hairstyling salon are gently led from the entrance to the reception area and into the salon itself by a curved line.

Co-Direction implemented its idea by designing the entrance hall as a large, brightly lit space, in the centre of which are three units made with curved lines, which intersect and multiply spaces with mirrors. The effect is exciting and determines the layout of the entire salon. If it is true, as contemporary marketing holds, that it is emotional experiences that sell things, then Co-Direction’s Curve Cutting has scored a bullseye!

Francesco Cibati

Location: Dongguan, China
Date: 2015
Design: Co-Direction Interior Design
Designers: Jiang Xiao-Lin, Min Yao
Photos: Jing Xu-Feng



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