gmp Basketball Stadium, Dongguan, China

Christian Gahl,

Dongguan, China,

Sport & Wellness,

The city of Dongguan has a new landmark: a basketball stadium designed by gmp.

gmp Basketball Stadium, Dongguan, China

The new basketball stadium designed by gmp architectural studios and completed recently gives the city of Dongguan, China a new landmark.
The German architectural studio gmp was commissioned to design the stadium after winning a design competition held in 2006. gmp’s project represents a number of key elements of basketball in architecture.

The structure of the stadium looks like a huge basket consisting of a circle and a net: the mesh of the façade seems to be hung from a ring around the top of the construction. The net – filter, lit up at night, shows the orange colour the architects chose for the walls and interiors, a clear reference to the basketball.
gmp architectural studios also designed the garden surrounding the stadium with green areas and paths for sports and leisure activities mediating between the stadium and the city.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: gmp
Location: Dongguan, China
Images courtesy of gmp, ph. Christian Gahl