Green Solution House 2.0 by 3XN and GXN wins Årets Byggeri award


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Green Solution House 2.0 is an all-timber hotel in Bornholm, Denmark, designed by the 3XN and GXN studios. A sustainable architecture that won the "Årets Byggery", the most important Danish national prize, awarded annually to buildings that have an important social and professional value.

Green Solution House 2.0 by 3XN and GXN wins Årets Byggeri award

In the city of Rønne, on the Danish island of Bornholm, the 3XN and GXN architectural firms designed the Green Solution House a few years ago: a hotel built on the principles of circular sustainability and winner of the Årets Byggeri award in 2015, the most important Danish national prize awarded annually to buildings that have an important social and professional value. The new Green Solution House 2.0, also developed thanks to the very close collaboration between 3XN and GXN, represents a further evolution of that research. The design of the new hotel, made almost entirely of timber, is based on strict principles of sustainability of materials, construction and performance and, like its predecessor, is the winner of the Årets Byggeri 2022 award.

The building is a modular construction, consisting of slightly offset timber box-like units that help create a typical serrated façade, where each room has its own private and protected balcony that frames beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The main building elements of each module, such as the walls and slabs, are made using prefabricated cross laminated timber panels assembled on site. A solution that, thanks to the perfect synergy between design and computerised manufacturing, has allowed a high degree of accuracy and therefore, in addition to the use of a sustainable material, it has been possible to significantly reduce construction times, costs and waste. The control over each phase and the standardisation of the design has, in fact, made it possible to predict, and therefore to accurately manage, the size and quantity of material waste. In particular, in this perfectly circular process, wood waste has become a new resource, used to create custom-designed furnishings for the hotel. The timber, also used in the cladding, ensures natural comfort and ventilation for the spaces, creating a coherent dialogue between interior and exterior. The rooftop terrace and spa offer hotel guests a place to relax while enjoying the beautiful view. The Green Solution House 2.0 perfectly demonstrates how carbon emissions can be reduced by implementing high-quality projects, becoming a concrete model for future buildings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of 3XN

Project Title: Green Solution House 2.0
Client: Hotel Ryttergården
Location: Rønne, Bornholm
Size: 1,035 m2

Architects: 3XN and GXN
ABC - Engineer | Safedesign - Fire Engineers | CLT Denmark - Contractor structures | PLE - Contractor groundwork, facades, joinery

Status: Completion 2021
Program: Hotel and conference centre
Awards: 2022 Årets Byggeri (Construction of the Year) - Winner in Commercial Category | 2016 The Environmental Award – Finalist

Photos: © 3XN / Adam Mørk


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