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We’re taking a look at our “Best of 2019” to close the year. Interior design has always been an important topic for Livegreenblog, particularly when it comes to makeovers, so a rundown of some of the projects we featured during the year is a must. Here, we’re travelling from China to Argentina, from the Czech Republic to Russia, to end up in Italy.

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The Best of Livegreenblog 2019: interior design In Hangzhou, China, the architecture and design firm WJ Design under the direction of Leo Hu has crafted BO Space, a mixed-use commercial space that includes a restaurant and bar (Chin-Chin), exhibition space, flower shop, and fashion design studio. WJ Design has retained the imprint of the old building and has created a new space behind the long corridor that distinguishes it as a former factory. Then again, the area's original sunken area has been turned into a small outdoor courtyard where people can enjoy a break in fine weather. The interior design project involved tearing down the walls opening onto the sunken courtyard and replacing them with glazed openings to widen the views to the outside. An atrium was also added indoors to further lighten the old, emphasising the connection between interior and exterior.
From China to Argentina, where Hitzig Militello Arquitectos completed the first of a series of new bars for the Argentine brewery Quilmes in Buenos Aires. A spatial transposition of the brewery’s philosophy and a great example of architectural storytelling - the studio’s trademark. Indeed, the project is based on in-depth research of the brand to come up with a narrative that fits in with the client’s ethos. This way, the real stars of these standout interiors are the history of Quilmes, details of its production and its historical advertising. El Clasico de Quilmes is a casual, eclectic but balanced place that, most importantly, is authentically Argentinean.
We move to another continent and to another kind of venue: The Moon Club in Prague, designed as a result of the creative union of two studios - Formafatal and Machar&Teichman - delivers an interior design that focusses on the moon theme and gets the original building buzzing with intriguing atmospheres. All in the premises of an old bank, in a historical building that even boasts its own internal courtyard. The Moon Club is a virtuous example of how vividly powerful a refurbished building can be, because this approach to design provides an incredible opportunity to bring together the old and the new, conceptually beating any brand new creation because it already has a past and, therefore, an intrinsic atmosphere to bring out.
We can also find the same kind of combination of past and present in the Berlin Bar by the architect and interior designer Thilo Reich. He brought the narrative of Berlin, famous for its style and nightlife to a venue in Moscow A creative intervention that uses elements of the public space in the German capital to create an interior with definitely metropolitan traits. The result gives guests an authentically Berlin feel, far from the golden, brightly-coloured chic style that is so often associated with Moscow's nightlife. 
We end our overview with the Baita Pié Tofana in Cortina d’Ampezzo, by Visual Display. Another makeover, where the Italian firm, Visual Display has turned the chalet into a classy, elegant and cosy venue, which, despite being completely different from its former self, still maintains the magical, warm atmosphere that has always distinguished this location. An upmarket venue, closely connected with the territory, which communicates with the splendid scenery of the Ampezzo Dolomites, the setting for the upcoming major international sporting events.

Christiane Bürklein

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