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The creative artists of Visual Display, a company specialising in development of space branding and interior design projects, are responsible for the interior design of the Fattoria Sant’Eliseo sales outlet in Majano, in the province of Udine. A space with a definite pop feel, far removed from the stereotypical image of farm produce and perfectly in line with the farm’s motto, Free Spirit Farm, expressing its focus on the well-being of the animals.

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Fattoria Sant’Eliseo Shop by VisualDisplay
When we think of a farm produce shop, what inevitably comes to mind is a rustic place with chequered tablecloths, wicker baskets and antique chairs, catering to the country imagery in shoppers’ minds. But things can be done differently: why shouldn’t a farm produce store be „pop“? The shop at Fattoria Sant’Eliseo is decorated in pop style, featuring bright colours and contemporary materials and designs, as will be clear from the photo gallery accompanying this article.
The Visual Display’s design of the farm shop is inspired by the farm’s motto, Free Spirit Farm - also suggested by the creative designers from Udine, along with the farm’s logo and brand identity – to represent one of the few farms in Italy where unusual varieties of poultry are raised free range. 1000 chickens run free on the hills of the farm, protected by two packs of dogs. Fattoria Sant’Eliseo produces “rainbow eggs”, which are not only pink but blue, brown, green, white, red and even black, and end up in the kitchens of the best restaurants in Italy and abroad.
And if the designers’ client, the farm’s owner and founder Daniele Riva, calls himself an “Unconventional Farmer”, then the result is sure to be interesting! In the design and construction of the farm’s retail outlet, Visual Display gives concrete form to the philosophy and business concept behind the farm; the result is a place ideally representing the reality and excellence of the world of food and the restaurant business. 
This versatile multipurpose space can be changed in response to requirements. Architectural finishes in neutral colours reflect the natural world, with colours and shapes in the centre, such as a big PVC curtain with a mirror finish and a curved shape separating the office from the living area. The curtain, which can be opened up to combine the two areas, has a mirror finish that reflects and distorts everything around it, underlining the shop’s dynamic atmosphere.
Visible from outside through the big windows, the lounge area is inspired by the great outdoors: a sofa with a metal frame, in colours and materials clearly inspired by birds, a vintage designer armchair and a couple of coffee tables playing with the contrast between mass and lightness. Next to this is a custom-designed meeting table surrounded by blue Klein seats, with glossy purple display units set at an angle on the walls displaying books, paintings and a variety of little objects. 
Behind a high arch, with a metaphysical flavour, is an all-green service area. One whole wall in the space is dedicated to the representation of the company’s philosophy, with a screen projecting live images of the farm and a display of posters, photographs and paintings.
The shop at Fattoria Sant’Eliseo „is more than just a shop: it’s an informal, enjoyable place for meeting and inspiration expressing the creative, free spirit of the farm,“ as the architects say in their note for the press. Visual Display, directed by Giorgio di Bernardo, demonstrates its „free spirit“ in its ability to bring all the joy and power of pop art to this rural context, for a shopping experience that breaks away from the old stereotype of the country farm.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Visual Display
Location: Majano, Italy
Year: 2022
Images: Camilla Bach