Mi Pan, a bakery designed by Concentrico in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico,


Wood, Metal,

Interior Design,

Concentrico, a Mexican interdisciplinary studio concerned with architecture, interior design and creative concepts, designed a new store and café for the renowned Mi Pan bakery in Mexico City. Buying bread becomes a social experience thanks to self-service shopping with an interior design playing upon elements of traditional breadmaking.

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Mi Pan, a bakery designed by Concentrico in Mexico City
Going into a bakery is always a multi-sensory experience, in which the eyes and the nose collaborate, as well as, of course, the sense of touch and, in the end, of taste. Fragrances and sweet and savoury flavours offer a true celebration of the senses that we are sure to remember. This is the starting point for Concentrico’s project under the artistic direction of Alejandro Peña Villarreal for a new store for Mi Pan, a bakery that has been in operation for more than 40 years, based on analysis of traditional Mexican bakeries in order to understand their values, experiences and essence.
Hence the decision to honour the bakers and follow in the footsteps of the bakery’s traditions, while bringing design with a capital „D“ to a context that had never seen this kind of attention before, as bread is an essential food which we buy in any case, independently of the container in which it is presented. 
To overcome customers’ diffidence, the architects of Concentrico took a look around, walking around the streets of the neighbour to capture the vibes of the place, the local memories. What they saw, plenty of colour and an infinity of handmade signs and messages used to identify every single shop, became their reference for the project.
In culinary terms, we might say that these ingredients in the interior design of the new store and coffee shop were then thoroughly blended with the classic elements of the breadmaking tradition.
"The concept of Mi Pan is derived from its heart: its kitchen. There, we experience the magic and talent of the bakers who shape each loaf, one by one," notes Alejandro Peña. "Throughout the bread baking process, trays are used to reflect the freshness of the product, so we incorporate them into the store“. These metal trays are associated with elements of pale timber, while the coffered ceiling helps reduce the scale of the space and give it a warmer feel. It also reflects the ceiling lighting and creates a great diffused ambient light, accompanied by product spotlights.
The store’s layout is clear, with lateral access through the coffee shop area that allows customers to reach the centre of the space. The route begins with selection of bread and ends at the checkout counter. The coffee shop features custom-made metallic furniture inspired by designs used in local restaurants in 1980, when Mi Pan opened; the brand’s orange colour is also integrated into the mix.
Beautiful handmade signs in the local tradition convey messages about the company’s history and add a unique touch to the space. The path through the shop is designed to ensure that customers see all the bakery’s products, culminating in a display of cakes for celebrating unforgettable moments in everyone’s life. "Rosca de Reyes", shared with family, and "Pan de Muertos", honouring those who are no longer with us, help customers stay close to their loved ones.
The creative designers of Concentrico manage to capture the spirit of this outlying Mexico City neighbourhood in a bakery which respects and honours local traditions while offering the inhabitants a landmark, a place where they can not only buy a loaf of bread, but spend some time socialising together in an atmosphere imbued with the fragrance of freshly baked bread and cakes.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Concentrico
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2020
Images: Apertura Studio, jPark Studio


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