Mirko Tattarini, Nido shoowroom - Sofia


Sofia, Bulgaria,

Showroom, Offices, Sport & Wellness, Ville,

Design, contemporary,

Wood, Glass, Porcelain Tile,

Architect Mirko Tattarini designed the interior of a new showroom for Nido, official reseller of major Italian brands including Fiandre porcelain tiles.

Mirko Tattarini,  Nido shoowroom - Sofia

The interior design project by architect Mirko Tattarini for the new Nido showroom in Sofia represents the archetypal village.
The architect has designed buildings within a building. The container is a Modernist steel and glass construction, while its content consists of little wooden houses with gabled roofs.

Visitors are invited to discover the inside and outside of the houses from different and unusual points of view.
The houses are places for experimenting with and suggesting furnishing solutions featuring contemporary design, such as Design Apparat’s new Sputnik light, also designed by Mirko Tattarini, and surfaces covered with Fiandre porcelain tiles. Including ventilated façades covered with Aster Mercury and Calacatta Maximum and Meteor floor tiles from the New Co.De collection.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Mirko Tattarini / LAGOS DESIGN STUDIOS
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Images courtesy of NIDO - ph.Minko Minev



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