Studio Marco Piva Villa in Tirana

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Andrea Martiradonna,

Tirana, Albania,

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The client’s artworks provided the inspiration for the design of a private home by Studio Marco Piva on the hills southeast of Tirana.

Studio Marco Piva Villa in Tirana

Art and Nature are the two key themes inspiring the design of a private home in Tirana. The artworks in the owner’s private collection and the natural landscape were the keys to development of the interior design project by Studio Marco Piva with local architect EGO Architecture of Egest Goxhaj & Partners.

The villa is part of a luxury housing development in the hills southeast of Tirana. The uncontaminated natural landscape around the villa, free of infrastructure and other buildings, becomes an important source of inspiration for the colours of the furnishings and surfaces, coordinated with the artworks in the rooms in the home. The client is a prominent Albanian art collector; outside the villa is a pavilion by the pool containing not only a guesthouse but an art gallery with its own curator.
The need for a home intended primarily for the family’s everyday life in privacy, combined with the presence of numerous works of art on the walls of the villa as well as the gallery led to the choice of a functional layout with very few furnishings, which can be easily reorganised and adapted in response to the family’s requirements. The study of colour inside the home is also reflected on the outside, and great care has been taken in the choice of tree species. Most of the trees are species typical of Mediterranean vegetation, which fit into the natural landscape around them and allow the family to experience the natural cycle of the seasons through colour.

(Agnese Bifulco)

STUDIO MARCO PIVA (interiors of main villa, overall styling, interface with architecture)
EGO Architecture of Egest Goxhaj & Partners (landscape, overall fit out, guesthouse)
Location: Tirana, Albania, Rolling Hills luxury housing development.
Type of project: Interior Design, Landscape, Lighting, Styling.
Project time: 2014-2016
Area: 11,200 sqm, 640 sqm main villa on three levels, 280 sqm guesthouse on two levels.

Photos: Andrea Martiradonna