Studio Marco Piva Tonino Lamborghini Towers Chengdu China

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In Chengdu, in China’s southeastern Sichuan province, the Tonino Lamborghini Towers designed by Studio Marco Piva (SMP) for Chengdu Donghe Real Estate Co., Ltd. near completion. The complex includes hotel rooms and suites, common areas, luxury apartments, a retail area and a theatre. SMP came up with the design concept and, in collaboration with Donghe and JHM, conducted architectural study of the podium and the façades of the 180-metre-high towers.

Studio Marco Piva Tonino Lamborghini Towers Chengdu China

Tonino Lamborghini Towers, designed by Studio Marco Piva (SMP) for Chengdu Donghe Real Estate Co. Ltd, are nearing completion in the historic centre of Chengdu, a Chinese metropolis with a population of more than 15 million and capital of the southeastern province of Sichuan.
The complex combines elements of Chinese and Italian design, and includes hotel rooms and suites, common areas, luxury apartments, a retail area and a theatre. SMP came up with the design concept and worked with Donghe and JHM (Join.In Hospitality Management) on in-depth architectural study of the shared podium and the façades of the 180 metre high towers, guaranteeing perfect continuity between architecture and interior design.
The project is part of a vast programme of work in China launched in recent years by the Italian brand: a series of luxury buildings for residential and commercial use which are integrated into local culture while offering a Chinese and international clientele an experience of "Italian total living". Under this programme, buildings will also be constructed in Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. The Tonino Lamborghini Towers project currently nearing completion in Chengdu began with analysis of the local context, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture and culture and taking into account essential input, for example, from the world of theatre: one of the most important art forms in the local community. And in fact the complex includes Sichuan Theatre, a top-quality performance space for opera and contemporary visual arts.
The world of theatre, and particularly the scenery used to conceal or reveal spaces, inspired the architect in creation of elegant spaces with a bold personality even in small areas, achieving this result with decorative and dramatic curtains and sliding doors. Natural elements, specifically the long bamboo reeds in the nature reserves around the city, are reflected in shapes, colours, and, above all, textures, in the form of bold vertical lines in the materials chosen for use in various spaces. Circular elements such as mirrors, lamps and tables pay tribute to traditional Chinese umbrellas. The result is an elegant blend of Chinese culture with Italian design in aesthetically pleasing, functional, emotional environments.
The complex consists of two tall towers rising from a common base; the apartments and hotel are located in tower B. The upper level of the shared podium contains a beautiful infinity pool with a waterfall where guests can enjoy panoramic views over the city. Studio Marco Piva also designed the interior of the theatre and the other common areas in the complex, including the hall, reception area, restaurants, coffee shop, executive lounge, lobby, shopping centre and panoramic pool. All the spaces are characterised by great attention to detail and custom-designed decorative panels and items of furniture, adding a spectacular touch and an elegance the architect describes as “theatrical”.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Studio Marco Piva

Project Name: Tonino Lamborghini Towers
Client: Chengdu Donghe Real Estate Co. Ltd
Architect. Studio Marco Piva https://www.studiomarcopiva.com/
Type: interior design (Entrance Hall, Reception, Apartments, Restaurants, Cafeteria, Executive Lounge, Lobby, Panoramic Swimming Pool, Commercial Complex, Sichuan Theatre)
Location: Chengdu, Cina
Date: 2018 – 2021

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