Mostra Manolo Blahnik. The Art of Shoes in Milan

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A must-see exhibition for fashionistas and connoisseurs of fine design.

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Mostra Manolo Blahnik. The Art of Shoes in Milan A must-see exhibition for fashionistas and connoisseurs of fine design. This time we're not talking furniture but shoes by Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik, displayed at the Palazzo Morando fashion museum in Milan.

Concept, design, choice of materials, project and crafting a show are very close to architecture. This connection is also manifested in the feminine creations with a deconstructive touch by the great Zaha Hadid or in the models designed by Rem Koolhaas for United Nude.
Manolo Blahnik's shoes are showcased in the exhibition running from 26 January to 9 April at Palazzo Morando, Milan - the venue responsible for preserving and showcasing the huge legacy of antique and modern garments and accessories of the Municipality of Milan - so visitors to Milan Design Week from 4 to 9 April 2017 will also get a chance to see them.
The Spanish designer's work spans 45 years, and also inspired by other creative disciplines like architecture, botany, literature and cinema. It's no coincidence that his name became really popular in the '90s thanks to “Sex and The City” where Blahnik's shoes joined the just as iconic setting of Manhattan (link Di Piazza). 
Launching in Milan, the exhibition is showcasing a collection of 212 shoe models and 80 sketches, selected from the 30,000-plus styles in Manolo Blahnik's own private archive. The exhibition will then move to the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, the Kampa Museum in Prague and the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Madrid as Manolo Blahnik's tribute to his homeland, to end in 2018 at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. 
“Manolo Blahnik, The Art of Shoes” is not just an opportunity to see almost half a century of shoes designed by Blahnik but also to get a look at the artisan world of the Milan hinterland that gives shape to these “architectures of fashion”. All in the backdrop of Palazzo Morando, dedicated to the themes of costumes, fashion, image, where the antique museum object of the civic collection engages with the modern creations by the Spanish designer.
The exhibition is divided into six theme areas ('Gala' displays his imaginative creations; a review of his geographic and environmental influences; his fascination with art and architecture; nature representing his love for the botanical world; materials; and the final “Core Section” dedicated to the people who most influenced Blahnik), and is curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz. The catalogue is published in Italian by Skira, in English by Rizzoli.

Christiane Bürklein

Exhibition “Manolo Blahnik, The Art of Shoes” 
from 26 January to 09 April 2017
curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz
sponsored by Municipality of Milan | Culture, Department of Historical Museums, 
produced and organised by Arthemisia Group in collaboration with Manolo Blahník
in Palazzo Morando, Milan (Italy)
Italian catalogue: Skira
English catalogue: Rizzoli
Images: courtesy of Manolo Blahnik and Arthemisia Group – see captions
Find out more: http://www.costumemodaimmagine.mi.it/