Iris FMG exhibition: creative reuse of recycled materials.

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Iris FMG exhibition: creative reuse of recycled materials.
The refurbished Iris FMG showroom in Fiorano Modenese was reopened during Cersaie 2012, accompanied by the exhibition “Reuse Reduce Recycle”, staged by Rodex.

The showroom restyling project by Massimo Iosa Ghini focused on creatively presenting the excellence of Iris ceramic products, and on the aspects of sustainability. One important expedient in these terms is the use of energy efficient LED lights.

To stress Iris FMG’s ongoing commitment to the environment, the showroom’s forecourt formed the setting for the large “REUSE REDUCE RECYCLE” exhibition staged by Rodex.

The title reflects the same philosophy that lies behind the production process of the porcelain stoneware modules; these feature the prestigious LEED and ANAB certifications, gained because a considerable percentage of recycled material is used in their production.

The exhibition presented common, everyday objects, often considered of little value. Pallets are used for a vast array of things – tables and chairs, just to mention a couple – then there are corrugated pipes, bicycle parts and a whole motorbike used as a table base.

Some of the interesting proposals comprise: the “Mangiainpiedi” table with bicycle wheels and steel base, the “Light-Catcher” standard rake lamp or the “Klin”, pendant light made from a washing-machine drum. All unusual solutions that can be made without high expenditure. All you need is a touch of imagination to give new meaning to what we normally think of as waste.

Location: Fiorano Modenese, Iris Ceramica and FMG showroom
Set-up: RODEX, http://www.rodexweb.it/
Photographer: Elena Romani
Link: http://www.irisfmg.it/


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