Exhibition Prima visione. I fotografi e Milano

Marco Introini, Sergio Dahò, Claudio Sabatino, Marco Menghi, Matteo Cirenei,


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Milan, a constantly changing city in the photographs shot by the attentive eyes of Milanese or landscape photographers.

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Exhibition Prima visione. I fotografi e Milano Milan, a constantly changing city in the photographs shot by the attentive eyes of Milanese or landscape photographers. Since 2006, the collective exhibition called “Prima visione. I fotografi e Milano” (Sneak previews. Photographers and Milan) organised by Galleria Bel Vedere has shared the current condition of the Lombard capital through a selection of photographs.

Milan definitely changed its appearance after Expo 2015 and we're not just talking about a thinly-disguised mask. It has undergone a real transformation that you can see in many places of the city and that goes beyond the mere iconic architecture that is now part and parcel of daily life.
These are less tangible and more sensorial elements that manifest a rediscovered affection for Milan, like quiet corners of the historical centre, shared spaces of day-to-day routine, a bit like the famous advertisement from the early 1980s, although without the unfettered optimism of those days, a city that is “reborn every morning, beats like a heart... Milan is to experience, dream and enjoy”.
The exhibition titled “Prima Visione. I fotografi e Milano” has been organised since 2006 by Galleria Bel Vedere which in 2010 joined up with the Italian association of photo-editors. Each year, it asks Milanese or landscape photographers to submit their take on the city. So, over the years, the exhibition has turned into an impressive opportunity to take stock of the feelings that tie together photography and city. An overview of the architectural and social changes, interpreted by the individual photographers - 47 all up - including some names that our readers will be familiar with, like Matteo Cirenei and Marco Introini, using their own specific expressive language.
From streets to museums, including the MUDEC, from shops to runways, “Prima Visione. I fotografi e Milano” is an exhibition that provides a varied, eclectic narrative of the city, fully reflecting the urban spirit.

Christiane Bürklein

Exhibition: “Prima Visione. I fotografi e Milano” 
from 26 January to 24 February 2018
Spazio miFAC, via Santa Marta 18, Milan 
Vernissage: 6-8 pm on 25 January 2018
Find out more: www.belvederefoto.it
Exhibiting photographers:
Fabrizio Annibali, Isabella Balena, Alberto Bernasconi, Caterina Maria Carla Bona, Francesco Bozzo, Leonardo Brogioni, Maurizio Camagna, Francesco Caredda, Virgilio Carnisio, Marisa Chiodo, Matteo Cirenei, Sergio Dahò, Alessandro Ferrario, Dino Fracchia, Andrea Frazzetta, Marco Garofalo, Fabrizio Giraldi e Manuela Schirra, Alessandro Grassani, Gianluca Gulluni, Giovanni Hänninen, Dimitar Harizanov, Marco Introini, Cosmo Laera, Saverio Lombardi Vallauri, Lorenzo Maccotta, Andrea Mariani, Marco Menghi, Mattia Mognetti, Sara Munari, Gianni Nigro, Floriana Onidi, Thomas Pagani, Stefano Parisi, Stuart Paton, Ludovica Pellegatta, Simona Pesarini, Jacques Pion, Laila Pozzo, Roberto Ramirez, Francesco Rocco, Filippo Romano, Luca Rotondo, Claudio Sabatino,  Roby Schirer, Pio Tarantini, Federico Vespignani, Roman Zanuso


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