The Best of the Week: The image

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A common thread in many of the news articles published this week in Floornature is “the image” of buildings and landscapes, represented by photographs, as well as image in a figurative sense, in the way communications and information convey the image of a project.

The Best of the Week: The image

Architecture’s relationship with its own image and interpretation of a work of architecture through the new media are among the themes addressed in the recent volume “Architecture on the web. A Critical Approach to Communication” edited by Paolo Schianchi, themes prominent in the news published on the Floornature portal recently.

The "Wim Wenders America" exhibition presented at the beginning of the week, for example, is an approach to the American landscape through the lens of the famous film director’s camera, a personal route to discovery that goes beyond ldquo;the place itself”.
Found in Translation”: Palladio – Jefferson, an exhibition of the work of photographer Filippo Romano currently under way at CCA in Montréal, casts light on the influence of Palladio’s principles of architecture through time and space, once again using the image as the medium.
And Snøhetta’s design for the headquarters of the French publishing group Le Monde gives architectural form to the continual transmission of information.
We conclude this week’s articles by reporting on an exhibition due to open in Los Angeles at the end of February focusing on a famous architecture photographer, “Hélène Binet: Fragments of Light”, looking at the work of a photographer who had a great impact on the way we look at and think of certain famous works of architecture.

(Agnese Bifulco)


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