The MAXXI museum explores the Mediterranean through Riccardo Dalisi and Mimmo Jodice's visions

Riccardo Dalisi,

Mimmo Jodice,



At the MAXXI museum in Rome, two exhibitions were recently inaugurated that explore the Mediterranean through the unique perspectives of Riccardo Dalisi and Mimmo Jodice. These two masters, united by their affinity with Mediterranean culture, bring to light the different facets and complexities of an area rich in history and tradition, the cradle of countless civilizations.

The MAXXI museum explores the Mediterranean through Riccardo Dalisi and Mimmo Jodice's visions

Exploring the Mediterranean area plays a fundamental role in the cultural programme of the MAXXI museum in Rome, serving as a reminder of the importance of this geographical area as a space for coexistence and dialogue, guardian of a shared cultural heritage and identity. The two recently inaugurated exhibitions aim to explore the "Mare Nostrum" through art, architecture and design, offering visitors an opportunity to reflect on universal themes through the personal lenses of two important artists: Riccardo Dalisi and Mimmo Jodice.

The first of the two exhibitions, RICCARDO DALISI. Radicalmente, curated by Gabriele Neri with the installation project created by Novembre Studio, offers a complete overview of architect Riccardo Dalisi's work. A multifaceted and revolutionary figure, Riccardo Dalisi has freely crossed artistic disciplines including architecture, design, art and craftsmanship, creating a body of work and tracing pioneering experiences that anticipate contemporary design challenges. The exhibition uncovers the vastness of his production, from innovative "ultra-poor design" works, to "creative restoration" interventions in the Irpinia villages, in Southern Italy, hit by the 1980 earthquake. Without forgetting the creative workshops with children in Naples (narrated precisely through a series of photographs by Mimmo Jodice), the architecture built, but also the artist's visionary and unfeasible projects. His radical vision of the Mediterranean also translates into an artistic rediscovery of popular culture, highlighting its resistance to a standardising modernity. The alternative point of view offered by Riccardo Dalisi's work is emphasised by Novembre Studio's exhibition setup, which evokes the image of an upside-down, alternative world, where the same dreamlike figures designed or sculpted by the master accompany the visitors' journey.

The second exhibition, MIMMO JODICE. Mediterraneo, curated by Simona Antonacci, presents a group of photographs from the artist's famous project with the same name. Mimmo Jodice, one of the main interpreters of contemporary photography, transfigures faces, bodies and landscapes in these shots through a unique photographic language. The Mediterranean project is a journey through antiquity, memory and origins, embracing the entire Mediterranean basin. The exhibition offers an in-depth look at the genesis of the project, with archival documents, proofs and interviews, revealing the uniqueness of each print through a skilful darkroom process.

Both exhibitions are part of the new MAXXI Architettura programme, which promotes the museum's role as a place for reflection and dialogue on contemporary challenges and opportunities. As Alessandro Giuli, President of the MAXXI Foundation, explains, it is an instrument of “cultural diplomacy”, a responsibility interpreted dramatically and imaginatively, just as these two artists teach us.

Lorenza Baroncelli, Director of MAXXI Architettura, adds that with their gaze towards the South, Riccardo Dalisi and Mimmo Jodice raise very current questions that challenge visitors to reflect on the past and the present. The exhibitions aim to bring out the dialogue between the works of Riccardo Dalisi and Mimmo Jodice, revealing connections and contrasts that enrich the understanding of the Mediterranean in its complexity. An invitation to immerse ourselves in an engaging journey through the creativity and originality of the two masters, thus contributing to the MAXXI museum's mission to explore and celebrate the cultural and artistic diversity of the Mediterranean.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Maxxi

Curated by Gabriele Neri
setting-up by Novembre Studio
in collaboration with the Riccardo Dalisi Archive
Gallery 4
Date: November 10, 2023 – March 3, 2024

MIMMO JODICE. Mediterraneo
curated by Simona Antonacci
in collaboration with Studio Mimmo Jodice
Archives Centre MAXXI Architecture
Date: November 10, 2023 – April 14, 2024

Location: Maxxi, Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, via Guido Reni, 4A - 00196 Rome
hastag: #RiccardoDalisi #MimmoJodice

01 Riccardo Dalisi, Caffettiere animate, Foto di / Photo by Sergio Riccio, Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi
02-04 MAXXI Riccardo Dalisi Exhibition set-up Foto di / Photo by Musacchio Pasqualini
05-07 Riccardo Dalisi, Animazione Rione Traiano 1971-74, Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi, MiC – Direzione Generale Archivi – Soprintendenza archivistica e bibliografica della Campania
08 Riccardo Dalisi, Sediolina del Cece, 1978 Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi, MiC – Direzione Generale Archivi – Soprintendenza archivistica e bibliografica della Campania
09 Modellino della Sedia del cece / Chickpea Chair model, anni Settanta / 1970s, Foto di / Photo by Bruno del Monaco, Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi, MiC – Direzione Generale Archivi – Soprintendenza archivistica e bibliografica della Campania
10 Riccardo Dalisi, Non solo pensiero, 1997, Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi
11 Riccardo Dalisi nel suo studio/ Riccardo Dalisi in his office, Napoli/Naples, Foto di / Photo by Fulvio Cutolo Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi
12 Riccardo Dalisi, Pifferaio Magico / Pied Piper, Rame e verderame / Copper and verdigris, 2015, Foto di / Photo by Fulvio Cutolo, 2016, Courtesy Archivio Riccardo Dalisi
13 Mimmo Jodice, Capri, 1984 © Mimmo Jodice
14 Mimmo Jodice, Atleta della Villa dei Papiri, 1986 © Mimmo Jodice
15 Mimmo Jodice, Peristilio romano, Bulla Regia, Tunisia, 1993-94© Mimmo Jodice