New FMG Maxfine marble-effect surfaces for interior design in 2022

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Innovation, beauty and design are some of the highlights of the new additions to the marble-effect Maxfine range. The excellence of the aesthetic and mimetic quality of FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s ceramic slabs is matched only by the ultra-high level of their technical performance, making for a series of polychromatic and versatile solutions that suit a whole host of different interior design styles, crafting dramatic, exotic and always incredibly expressive atmospheres

New FMG Maxfine marble-effect surfaces for interior design in 2022
In recent years, high-tech ceramic has advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of cutting-edge technological research, respecting the environment and drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and the expert craftsmanship of an Italian tradition that dates back centuries.
In both architecture and interior design, high-tech porcelain is recognised as the ideal in materials for contemporary coverings, thanks to its performance, which blends function and aesthetics in a timeless marriage that will maintain all its lustre, even in the years to come.
High-tech ceramic, particularly in larger sizes which can cover up to 4.5m2 with just a single 300x150 cm maxi-slab, is a homogeneous, compact material which can stand the test of time unchanged, yet also extremely thin, with a minimal thickness of just 6mm.
The combination of these properties - along with its incredible versatility of use - makes it the best solution for custom-made coverings and furnishings from the perspective of durability, safety and hygiene.
Using these unique characteristics as its starting point, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, a market-leading brand in the ceramics and Made in Italy sector, recently expanded its Maxfine range with a series of nine rare and elegant types of marble from all corners of the world.
The new additions add another dimension to the already extensive colour palette offered by Marmi Maxfine, a line well suited to a vast range of different furnishing styles, making it a perfect fit for everything from floors and walls to kitchen and bathroom countertops.
The large size also offers an excellent solution for refurbishment projects, the creation of ventilated façades and installations, and for adding a unique, customised touch to designer furniture and tailor-made architectural elements.
In keeping with its corporate mission and the design philosophy of Iris Ceramica Group, its parent group, FMG also prides itself on using production methods involving “significant technological solutions in terms of energy savings and zero emissions”.
A sustainable philosophy neatly encapsulated in the winning combination of Beauty and Sustainability which strikes you upon entering the immersive architectural installation at its showroom in Fiorano Modenese”. Here, visitors are greeted “by a large doorway covered with Marmi MaxFine Connemarble Irish: a piercing green marble-effect texture which also steals the show in the bar area and the installation that leads to the Historical Museum”.
Striking and dramatic: the many languages of the new FMG Marble-Effect range
As previously suggested, FMG’s extensive catalogue is fundamentally rooted in a “strong link between nature and technology”.
With this in mind, the nine new textures are inspired by a selection of prestigious types of marble, all of a rare beauty, positioning themselves as firmly on-trend products for 2022 design. Presented here in the gallery, their names are as evocative as the patterns they represent: Rosso Lepanto, Breccia Medicea, Kuroca, Delicato Cremo, Trambiserra Grey, Grigio Alpi Carnia, Brazilian Blue, Ocean White and Black Onyx
In their variety of patterns, finishes and sizes, this incredibly diverse selection of marble effects offers solutions which can lend a touch of elegance to residential complexes, but also public spaces, accommodation facilities, and collective and commercial spaces.
Rosso Lepanto, originating from Turkey, is a breccia marble with a high aesthetic and decorative impact. With its reddish-brown surface, embellished by a dense weft of white veining, Rosso Lepanto boldly defines the atmosphere and identity of any room in which it is used.
Breccia Medicea, meanwhile, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic, traditional Apuan marble used since the time of Ancient Rome, and later in the Medici era.
Its distinguishing feature is the polychromy of its broad, freeform veining, featuring subtle shades of purple, grey, ochre and green which make it as refined and noble as it is ornamental and highly expressive.
The inspiration for the Trambiserra Grey texture comes from the natural stone of the Tuscan quarry after which it is named, famous for its characteristic cool grey-white background, highlighted by a balanced yet dynamic blend of “shades of grey with irregular cerulean waves and glimmers of steel”.
Delicato Cremo is FMG’s Italian marble with a light beige, almost ivory colour, capable of conjuring up a light atmosphere with a sense of sophisticated harmony from the moment you lay eyes on it. Its veining and horizontal streaks of varying intensity are a nutty brown, further enhancing a luminous background that readily lends itself to being paired with contrasting furnishings in brighter colours.
Kuroca, with its deep, intense black, is an enchantingly dramatic surface - almost regal - which expresses all the natural elegance of the marble itself thanks to the fluid, undulating streaks that run through it. From anthracite grey to ochre, all the way to a brownish gold, these streaks “create touches of light, lending the pattern a further sense of dynamism”.
Extracted from the Carnic Prealps, the charm of Grigio Alpi Carnia lies in “the plurality of its expressive language”.
Set on a dark and elegant ash grey background, the texture brings a timeless feel to the table, with a touch of both the classic and the modern, combined with a sophistication that elevates both uniform-look spaces and specific volumes or sections of surfaces.
Handsome and exotic, Brazilian Blue stands out amongst the latest wave of additions to FMG’s catalogue of marbled materials as a prominent feature in the company’s interior design offering for the new year. The “deep blue background, marked by slim white veins running horizontally, creates imaginative atmospheres inspired by far-off lands”.
Captivating and magnetic, Brazilian Blue is an option that is particularly recommended for public spaces (restaurants, halls, wellness centres, etc.) or more intimate ones, such as sophisticated bathrooms.
Black Onyx catches the eye thanks to “the sinuous movements of its surface: patterns that suggest a fluid, ever-evolving material”.
The background appears black at first glance, but hides subtle shades of grey of varying intensity. This is overlaid with white and ochre veining, making for a sophisticated and enigmatic pattern - almost iridescent to the observer - which exudes “a luxurious and élite allure in the world of interior design”.
Ocean White, meanwhile, is a polychromatic texture with a layered pattern - rare and exotic, it is inspired by a fine Asian marble. The irregularity of its design is also its greatest strength: white, green, grey and black feldspars make for a unique, immersive covering that is easy to pair with furnishings and accessories in plain block colours, for example, or bold, saturated hues.

Marco Privato