The charm and beauty of large-size ceramics: the new Iris Ceramica Group marbles

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The new collections of marbles offered by the Iris Ceramica Group for floors, walls and furnishings 2022 with the FMG, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Ariostea brands breathe life into exclusive and refined spaces.
A chromatic palette that spans warm and dark tones, with extremes such as blue and red, refined with unique veining, shades and details, in a true reflection of nature.
Unified by a strong expressive value, Iris Ceramica’s new marbles and onyxes also reveal a decorative flair that renders them ideal for contemporary interior design.

The charm and beauty of large-size ceramics: the new Iris Ceramica Group marbles
The aesthetic research for high-tech ceramics keeps moving forward, ready to provide solutions to an eager market that is expected to continue to evolve into 2022, as recent trade fairs and exhibitions in the sector demonstrate.
The Iris Ceramica Group proposes a series of new collections inspired by the different varieties of marble, presented here in the gallery, reinterpreted through the FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Ariostea brands.
Elegant, evocative, majestic, endlessly expressive: some of the adjectives that can define and capture the qualities of the surfaces of the nine new Maxfine (FMG), Maximum (Fiandre), Ultra Marmi and Ultra Onici (Ariostea) marble-effect lines.
The imposing dimensions of the large size slabs (up to 300 x 150 cm) and their thin 6 mm profiles help to define the atmospheres of both residential environments, as well as of public and collective spaces, from restaurants to spas and shopping centres, or of the vast world of contract.
A deep, warm and intense black surface. Its pattern reveals long, elegant streaks ranging from anthracite grey to brownish gold. Undulating and almost as if they were in constant motion like the tips of a flame, these details enrich the texture of this surface, giving it a vivid vitality and dynamism.
A dark marble which is thus able to express a strong decorative flair with an almost scenographic appeal, becoming the ideal material to warm up a wide range of spaces, from the most intimate, such as refined bathrooms, to the most welcoming, such as halls and dining rooms in the hospitality landscape.
A "Turkish brecciated marble with a strong aesthetic impact". The surface presents itself as a fascinating red mantle with a rich spectrum of shades ranging from purple to burgundy. A dense network of white veins unfolds over the slabs, interrupted here and there by darker and colder intrusions.
The result is an enchanting and majestic texture, extremely natural in its unpredictability and ideal for luxurious spaces with an ancient and ever-compelling flavour. A remarkable range of possible combinations, all with an optimal yield, both with light and neutral, as well as dark decor elements.
With its light beige colour tending towards ivory, this marble is proposed as a floor and wall covering of rare elegance, easy to combine in a wide range of interiors to create different styles. The presence of dark-coloured longitudinal bands and streaks enhances the structure of the slabs, for a coordinated, delicate and yet sophisticated texture. In this marble, "the mineral pigments thicken and then attenuate, tracing thick pearly grey veins or intense beige patterns".
As is the case with all white marbles, brightness becomes the distinctive added value that makes the difference.
Inspired by a marble of Apuan origin, used "in numerous constructions in Roman times and a favourite of Cosimo de' Medici".
The background colour is a creamy white varying in intensity and warmth, on which large veins are loosely diffused in a free pattern, with nearly indefinite colours. The binding agent, offering charming violet tones, is mixed with green, grey and pink shades, with almost golden flashes. A polychromatic texture, ideal for instilling a noble soul and evoking an ancient splendour.
In this case the aesthetics are rooted in natural stone characterised by the cold tone of its sky-grey background, on which veins with a strong ethereal quality float, alternated with other cerulean-coloured thread-like patterns with steel reflections. Its characteristic cloudy texture "sometimes breaks off cleanly, like a cut made by tailors' shears".
With its nearly glassy quality and microcrystalline body, it is a surface as light as it is precious, ideal both for wall and floor coverings and for unmistakable and original tailored furnishing accessories.
The blue colour of this surface is the point of attraction of a marble that certainly cannot go unnoticed. Enveloping and ornamental, it takes the stage like a leading actor, thanks to the plays of light and the delicate veins that cross it in an irregular pattern. A strongly mottled texture in its intricate network of lines, shades and cloud-like motifs that stands out for its genuineness as a unique and singular natural material.
Ideal for open, social spaces such as restaurants, halls and wellness centres, as well as for intimate environments such as sophisticated bathrooms. Also available for captivating book matched laying for walls and partitions characterised by a strong personality.
This polychromatic marble embodies all the charm of a strongly layered texture, with white, green, grey and black feldspars that form irregular patterns emanating beauty and diversity. Inspired by a precious Asian marble, it is a timeless surface in which "the polished finish adds depth to the colour and beauty to the details of this rare and exotic texture".
Suitable for any type of design project, it creates a soothing, engaging and extremely expressive atmosphere, in which it becomes easy to devise contrasts, for example with furnishings and fabrics in solid colours.
The charm of this dark grey marble lies in the multi-faceted quality of its expressive language. Skilfully calibrated in a wide range of black and white shades, the collection highlights all the aesthetic potential of grey, distancing itself from the classic concept of "neutral colour" that has always defined it. A surface of strong impact, powerful and granite-like, where the white veins of the marble appear like flashes lighting up the night.
This black onyx is a truly fluid and elusive surface thanks, in great part, to the contribution of the large slabs that amplify the whole. Its velvety black nuance is crossed by streaks, patches and shades, ideal for creating designs and graphics that intersect seamlessly. An ornamental texture sparsely illuminated by captivating golden inserts. Showrooms, luxury shops and boutique hotels are some of the spaces that can enrich their atmosphere with this onyx alternative, for a sophisticated mood with strong appeal.
Grigio Alpi Carnia - Brazilian Blue - Kuroca - Rosso Lepanto - Delicato Cremo - Black Onyx - Breccia Medicea - Trambiserra Grey - Ocean White
Grand Carnico - Divine Blue - Nero Damascato - Lepanto Rubino - Cremo Superiore - Majestic Onyx - Breccia Mirabile - Bardiglio Sublime - White Beauty
Grigio Carnico - Sodalite Blue - Tropical Black - Rosso Imperiale - Cremo Delicato - Onice Nero - Calacatta Viola - Bardiglio Chiaro - Luxury White

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