Natural and elegant: Porcelaingres’s stone, cement and wood collections for outdoor use

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Porcelaingres’s products for outdoor use explore various different atmospheres connected with the principal materials used in outdoor settings, such as stone, cement and wood.
The vast selection of outdoor surfaces in the catalogue are perfect for projects characterised by a great variety of styles and purposes, ranging from walkways to seating. Resistant, unalterable Porcelaingres high-tech ceramic makes it fun to design your own green spaces, creating new outdoor “rooms” for the home!

Natural and elegant: Porcelaingres’s stone, cement and wood collections for outdoor use
The design of outdoor spaces is a fascinating world that is expanded with attractive new proposals every year, especially in summer, when we all want to go outside and relax in the open air.
From dining areas to outdoor light fixtures, from tables to seating, there are always plenty of solutions in the range, often featuring unusual colours and shapes but always appropriate for making the most of outdoor spaces both large and small.
Where possible, it’s always a good idea to establish continuity with indoor spaces, choosing the same flooring materials indoors and outdoors and using coordinated items of furniture.
Which are the most popular surfaces for outdoor use? 
It is, of course, essential to choose a material that offers the utmost resistance, remaining unaltered over the seasons, is safe and does not require a lot of maintenance.
All these reasons definitely suggest use of high-tech ceramic for outdoor use.
The non-absorbency of high-tech porcelain is, in fact, the distinguishing factor leading to preference of high-tech ceramic flooring over all other products on the market when it comes to resistance and dependability.

High-tech ceramic also includes a vast range of customised solutions for creating your own tailor-made outdoor green spaces.
The material can be used to cover flowerbeds and planters, but also tables, chairs, benches, or custom-tailored combinations of these elements.
These are of course only a few possible suggestions for application design including not only flat surfaces but curved and backlit ones: design and decorating solutions that truly add value to outdoor residential spaces, as well as the outdoor areas in restaurants and hotels with patios or swimming pools.
The various different high-tech ceramic floor and wall coverings for outdoor use may include walkways, steps and wall coverings, depending on the project. In all cases, high-tech ceramic preserves all its original resistance and beauty, allowing us to concentrate on the appearance of individual surfaces and accessories.
An excellent example of a catalogue of outdoor materials is the one proposed by Porcelaingres, a young company which draws on the decades of experience accumulated by the Iris Ceramica Group (link), of which it is a member. Porcelaingres’s proposals for outdoor use explore the potential of the most popular materials, stone, cement and wood.
Stone is represented in the warm colours of Royal Stone, along with the soft, neutral hues of Quartz_Stone, while the strength and solidity of cement may be found in Urban and Loft, an elegant combination of stone and cement, and the warmth of wood characterises In_Wood, a timeless material conveying an unrivalled sensation of naturalness.
Taking a closer look, the Loft collection, as mentioned, combines the look of stone with that of cement. Intended for indoor and outdoor use, the surfaces in the Loft collection are versatile and natural, "speckled with iridescent, glittering particles that give character to the material".
Royal Stone, on the other hand, is where the solidity and simplicity of stone meets the elegance of marble. Featuring the subtle veining and clouding typical of marble, Royal Stone " can at once be majestic yet minimalist, bold yet delicate, and seamlessly fit in with any type of interior", exterior or combination of both.
Quartz_Stone stands out for its distinctive clean, sober design. Colours are all dynamic and contemporary, featuring bold hues and light effects. What stands out in the Quartz_Stone collection is above all harmony and warmth, adding power and prestige to modern, brightly lit outdoor areas.
The concrete qualities of Urban are naturally perfect for outdoor use. A fascinating metropolitan surface, Urban makes it easy to come up with different combinations and contrasts creating a bold image that stands out as unique, even outdoors.
The evocative power of wood is clearly revealed in the materials in the In_Wood collection. Burnished and neutral hues of wood blend in with indoor and outdoor spaces in a great variety of different styles, never failing to convey a warm, cosy, vivacious mood.
Porcelaingres’s range of materials for outdoor use also includes the Outdoor Special catalogue of special pieces and products permitting creation of new solutions, not only for gardens, pools and terraces but for public spaces too, in continuity with interiors and with matching furnishing accessories.
The vast selection of colours, finishes and surfaces in the Outdoor Special collection is " designed to inspire and provide full freedom of expression, thanks to the strength and reliability of 20 mm thick high-tech porcelain stoneware".
The great versatility of the material is another important factor: high-tech ceramic not only permits creation of fully customised outdoor and urban spaces, but allows you to draw inspiration from your own personal taste, facilitating combinations and adapting to different styles.

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