Design ideas: wood effect porcelain stoneware for every style of home

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Wood effect porcelain stoneware coverings match all the main design styles of the home: from classic to trendy, like Scandinavian, ethnic, retro and country. The Porcelaingres colour palette covers the whole range of possible wood colours and shades of wood, suiting all tastes in décor, creativity and customisation of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Design ideas: wood effect porcelain stoneware for every style of home
Wood effect porcelain stoneware floors are one of the easiest coverings to match with the different styles of design that have characterised trends in recent years.
From Scandinavian to ethnic, retro or country design, wood effect porcelain stoneware is an excellent solution that enhances décor, finishes and details, which are so important in the different furnishing styles of the home.
Wood effect porcelain stoneware offers different kinds of wood, from pale wood like fir, pine and beech to dark wood like ebony, passing through various intermediate shades of brown, rust and red.
Many styles of décor are decidedly linked to wood. So if you want to furnish your house with a particular design, the parquet effect that the best porcelain stoneware on the market offers, like those by the brands of the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the production of high-tech porcelain stonewareis essential.
For example, the country style, like typically rustic and Provençal styles, echo the features of typical old farmhouses and of the cottages of English and French nobles in the 18th century.
Wood is undoubtedly a fundamental element of this design, however you want to customise your space: it gives a more material, essential and decisive feel to rustic style and a more decorative, lively and atmospheric heart to Provençal style.
In this case you can opt for brown or dark types of porcelain stoneware, which discretely enhance both the simple lines and natural, genuine shapes of typical country style design.
For Nordic design and, in particular, Scandinavian style, pale porcelain stoneware coverings increase light in spaces, just like in Northern Europe, thanks to a clean and obviously minimalist style.
Ethnic style, like country style, has a warm, welcoming effect and eclecticism is one of its distinctive traits, together with a lot of furniture and elements linked to nature.
In this modern, chic context, porcelain stoneware surfaces in reddish colours are perfect to match and harmonise with the various ethnic details that always have very warm colours (like orange, red and ochre).
For retro and shabby chic styles, rather than a specific colour, what fits perfectly are those types of wood that recall an aged surface, including those with black and white or spotted contrasts, typical of old boards and planks, which take on a strongly decorative appearance.
In this case you could consider laying techniques offered by special porcelain stoneware pieces, like herringbone (modul oblique) or lozenge patterns.
Also, due to it being hard wearing and unchanging over time, wood effect porcelain stoneware is ideal for outdoor spaces both large and small, where it can be coordinated with interior surfaces, or offer a contrast with its own special identity.
Porcelaingres is inspired by nature, offering various collections of wood effect porcelain stoneware tiles: Grove Wood, In_Wood and Pure Wood which are here in our picture gallery.
Grove Wood stands out for its versatility, so much so that it is defined as a " passe-partout material for the look of the home" and In_Wood recalls the "suggestion and beauty that one finds reading between the lines of a tree bark", thus the 6 shades that make up the Pure Wood colour palette are created to stimulate individual creativity and stylistic research.
Pure Brown, Hazel, Black, Grey, White and Amber contain a wide range of brown and chiaroscuro shades, and transmit the evocative power of wood in all its strength and intensity.

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