The LUCE collection: a new visual dimension for high-tech ceramic

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High-tech ceramic is ushering in a new aesthetic phase thanks to the dynamism and visual power of the LUCE surface by Guillermo Mariotto.
An iridescent, three-dimensional material emerges from the sinuous waves of the six shades offered by the brands of the Iris Ceramica Group. Soft and lightweight, the surface becomes richer and more complex the longer you look at it, just like an elegant haute couture fabric, modulated in countless ways by the light reflecting off it.

The LUCE collection: a new visual dimension for high-tech ceramic
Light is one of the fundamental elements of both architectural and interior design.
Be it natural or artificial, light’s contribution to shaping and defining space has always been a crucial cornerstone of the craft.
When used effectively, light can prove to be a highly significant visual tool, both aesthetically and functionally speaking.
Indeed, light is capable of literally transforming the atmosphere of interior spaces and their constituent elements, from surfaces to furnishings, creating visual effects, highlighting the otherwise-invisible shapes and points of a space, and moulding both objects and walls.
Thanks to waves of modern materials, light plays an indisputably central role in the world of contemporary surfaces, as is the case with high-tech ceramic.
Versatile, durable, easy to install and low-maintenance, high-tech ceramic is the ultimate go-to material for a vast range of applications, from residential to commercial, the public sector to tourism and hospitality facilities.
What’s more, high-tech ceramic installations are now considered a fully-fledged furnishing in themselves, rather than merely a covering.
This is made possible by the incredibly faithful reproduction of the all the most popular textures, ranging from the natural feel of stone to the finest varieties of marble, from every kind of wood to the contemporary charm of concretes and resins.
The combination of the versatility of ceramic as a material and the valuable contribution made by light is what underpins one of the latest, most spectacular projects from Iris Ceramica Group
This is the LUCE collection, designed by Guillermo Mariotto and commercially distributed by the brands under the Iris Ceramica Group umbrella, including Fiandre Architectural Surfaces and Ariostea. The collection recently stole the show in the 7th edition of the NYCxDESIGN Awards, where it garnered a prestigious honourable mention in the ‘Hard Wall Covering’ category.
Throughout the decades since it was formed, Iris Ceramica Group has always placed technological innovation at the heart of its mission; when this vision meets the exceptional aesthetic sensibilities of a great designer, the result is always spectacular and original.
With LUCE, the classic elegance of ceramic as a material is reimagined with a contemporary twist, effectively catapulting architectural spaces into a whole new visual dimension that is dynamic and iridescent, made even more striking by its large size (300x100 cm and 100x100 cm).
The surface is deftly imbued with all the aesthetic lightness and unrivalled elegance of the finest fabrics, reminiscent of the refined drapery of haute couture.
As the gallery demonstrates, LUCE lends itself most naturally to interior and exterior applications, both in new builds and in prestigious urban redevelopment projects.
What’s more, the surface is also suitable for crafting original furnishing elements and accessories of all kinds, thus greatly expanding the range of possibilities open to expert designers and passionate amateurs alike.
In its Pearl white finish, LUCE is also available upon request as an eco-active surface: Active Surfaces®, the range of patented, ISO-certified surfaces with antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties.

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