Fiandre ceramic maxi-slabs: the attraction of teal Amazonite 

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Fiandre Architectural Surfaces expands its vast range of Maximum marbles with an original new material, teal Amazonite, inspired by the stone known to the Egyptians as the “stone of hope”. This refined surface covering of great decorative power and broad appeal underlines the unique qualities of ceramic maxi-slabs, such as light weight, flexibility and easy cleaning

Fiandre ceramic maxi-slabs: the attraction of teal Amazonite 
Ceramic maxi-slabs mark a turning point in the world of coverings and contemporary interiors.
Brightness, veining, colour and all the other qualities of ceramic slabs are underlined by the slabs’ large size, which considerably adds to the prestige of spaces of all kinds.
By practically eliminating grouting, ceramic maxi-slabs do away with visual obstacles to expand the perceived size of spaces while permitting easier cleaning due to the presence of a single large slab.
Architects and designers immediately appreciated and began to take advantage of the great compositional freedom, flexibility, light weight and millimetric thickness offered by maxi-slabs.
The most innovative functions of maxi-slabs include use as a wall covering and creation of uninterrupted spaces indoors and outdoors: in both cases, the result is a single large space, homogeneous and immersive, expressing a natural sense of harmony.
In addition to residential projects, maxi-slabs are particularly appreciated in spaces for the retail, wellness and hospitality sectors.
In addition to wall coverings, ceramic maxi-slabs have expanded into another field of application, rapidly becoming a part of today’s most popular furnishing solutions in the form of tabletops, bathroom and kitchen countertops, washbasins, swing and sliding doors, ventilated façades, shelving units, consoles, seats and bathroom accessories.
This permits an uninterrupted appearance not only on the floor and walls but in custom-made furnishings to create a unique total look.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has been exploring the potential of high-tech porcelain for more than half a century, and now offers the benefits of 300x150 cm maxi-slabs in the great variety of its Maximum collections.
Flexible, lightweight Maximum surfaces are available in a unique colour palette reproducing the textures of the best surface effects available in ceramic: stone, wood, marble, resin and, most recently, even gemstones and maxi gems, in collections of universal appeal and great decorative power.
The perfect example is the Amazonite maxi-slab in the Marmi Maximum collection, "the texture of which is inspired by the precious stone of the same name, considered by the Egyptians to be the ‘stone of hope’”.
Against an original teal background, Amazonite stands out for the presence of dense, irregular speckling, varying in colour from brown to peach, with subtle ventures into white and grey, underlined by a glossy finish.
The result is a refined covering material giving rise to a pleasing natural sensation of tranquillity in spaces of all kinds, bringing to mind the flow of the ocean floor, silent but never still.
Like the other marble-effect Fiandre Architectural Surfaces , Amazonite is perfect for use in both homes and public spaces, and makes a particularly elegant finish for interiors for the retail and contract industries.
Amazonite was recently named Editor's Pick in the “interior finishes and surfaces” category of the “Best of Products Awards” presented by Architect’s Newspaper.
In making their selection among the hundreds of prestigious products submitted for the awards, the jury took into account a series of important aspects such as aesthetics, performance and ease of installation.
In view of the delicate situation resulting from the international medical emergency, the jurors gave special consideration to products that "reflected concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic, such as hygiene and safety". 
The level of comfort offered by products was another criterion taken into consideration, "one connected to the pandemic-induced quarantine of the past few months, when living areas suddenly transformed into full-time workspaces".
The qualities most widely appreciated in the contest include the flexibility offered by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ high-tech ceramic: an aspect that allows a product such as Amazonite to adapt easily to new circumstances or changes in interior design.

Marco Privato