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Museums as landmarks, as iconic containers, but also as simple wrapping used to display art, culture, objects and ideas.

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Best of museums by Livegreenblog Museums as landmarks, as iconic containers, but also as simple wrapping used to display art, culture, objects and ideas. We're sure you all know how much we love museums, so now we're going to give you a quick rundown of the ones that impacted us the most during the year.

We'll start in Milan, where Expo Milano 2015 provided the opportunity for the opening of new cultural locations, such as MUDEC, Museo delle Culture, designed by David Chipperfield, not far from our Spazio FMG in the Tortona zone – both go-to destinations when you come to Milan!

A museum that has been around for ten years but is still incredibly striking visually is MUSAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Spanish architects,  Mansilla + Tuñón. Since 1 April 2005, this museum has brought the city of Léon in Spain to the fore with its colourful architecture and major contribution to the city's cultural life. An anniversary celebrated at MUSAC with lots of events and exhibitions.

Whereas the Sonorous Museum is on a completely different wavelength; this is the concept and display project for the collection of historical musical instruments at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by the Danish multidisciplinary studio ADEPT with Creo Architects and the engineers from Niras.
The museum itself gives the impression of a musical score, written using the notes of spatial design and an attentive selection of materials.

We end our overview with the MMMCorones, sixth and last of the traditional mountain climbing museums brainchild of famous mountaineer, Reinhold  Messner that opened a few weeks ago. The construction was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects to commission by the Skirama Kronplatz consortium and is almost all underground; it blends into the Plan de Corones mountain that man has almost completely developed in Alto Adige, Italy, while the interiors reference the museum's theme - rock.

Christiane Bürklein

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