Thomas Coward Studio + Artedomus, installation The Pipers Maximum at Sydney Indesign

Willem Rethmeier,

Hong Kong, Australia, Sydney, Singapore,

Sport & Wellness, Showroom,


Porcelain Tile,


Thomas Coward Studio designed the installation The Pipers inspired by menhir monolithic stones, built by Artedomus with extremely light gres porcelain Maximum slabs by Fiandre, in response to the theme Ritual: The Art of Tradition for the 2015 edition of Sydney Indesign.

Thomas Coward Studio + Artedomus, installation The Pipers Maximum at Sydney Indesign

The Pipers installation designed by the Thomas Coward Studio, commissioned and created by Artedomus for the 2015 Sydney Indesign event, is inspired by British standing stones. In fact, the installation responds to the theme Ritual: The Art of Tradition at Sydney Indesign, which is an annual event and takes place in diverse, important cities throughout Asia and Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Hong Kong. Like similar design week ventures, in different parts of the city there are showrooms and pop-up spaces presenting exciting experiences for visitors and operators in the sector: designers and architects, etc.

The communicative force produced by the installation created by the Thomas Coward Studio designers lies in the apparent monolithic effect of the sculptured composition, whose sturdiness is obtained thanks to maxi gres porcelain Maximum slabs produced in Italy by Fiandre and made entirely from natural materials. The slight 6mm thickness in comparison with the maxi dimension of 3 x 1.5 metres makes their light weight become one of the strong points of these Maximum gres porcelain slabs. The finish and available colours mean that Maximum are highly adaptable and versatile for every kind of panelling whether interior or exterior.
Thomas Coward Studio chose the Maximum Calacatta Statuario, Travertino and Nero Supremo finish for The Pipers. Through this sculpted installation the designer has evoked ancient rites for celebrating and communicating with nature and amongst men. 

Design: Thomas Coward Studio
Project commissioned, built/created by: Artedomus (MAXIMUM AUSTRALIA)
Photography: Willem Rethmeier



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