Presenting the top interior design projects for bars and restaurants

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The finalists in the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors have been shortlisted for the World Interior of the Year 2014 award; the winner will be announced in October at an official ceremony at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

Presenting the top interior design projects for bars and restaurants

We take a look at the top 7 interior design projects shortlisted in the Bar + Restaurant category of the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors award.
Let’s start with Auriga in Mumbai, India, an unused warehouse converted into a restaurant and nightclub by Sanjay Puri Architects.
In Brazil, where the 2014 FIFA World Cup just ended, Sao Paulo’s Riviera Bar is a historic gathering place which opened in 1949 and was recently renovated by studio mk27.
Wowhaus worked on a historic building for the Central Writers House in Moscow (Russia), preserving a number of existing elements, such as the big 1930 lamp, which can be completed with new decorative panels to add dynamism to the space.
Hong Kong’s Mott32 was designed by Joyce Wang Studio, combining classic Chinese ornaments with elements of New York industrial design. The finalists also include the famous Christopher's restaurant in Covent Garden, built in 1860 and renovated to plans by architect De Matos Ryan.
Distillery chose rich, luxuriant materials for the interior design of the Manhattan Bar in Singapore.
Design inspired by luxury is also featured at the Johnnie Walker whisky house in Cheongdam, Seoul, designed by Asylum Creative Pte Ltd.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of INSIDE World Festival of Interiors