Beer Garden – A haven of beauty and serenity from the bustle of city life

Studio Lotus , Studio Vikhroli,

Avesh Gaur,


Studio Lotus has designed, in collaboration with Studio Vikhroli, the Beer Garden. It is an extraordinary café space that is part of The Trees complex, a former industrial area in Vikhroli, a suburb of Mumbai, which has undergone several urban regeneration projects over the years.

Beer Garden – A haven of beauty and serenity from the bustle of city life

Against the dynamic backdrop of Mumbai's architecture and urban design, Studio Lotus has created the Beer Garden. This interesting project – the result of a collaboration with Studio Vikhroli – is a light pavilion inspired by the industrial history of its context and that blends elegantly with the ongoing process of urban regeneration.
Located within the extensive 34-acre mixed-use complex known as The Trees, the Beer Garden is a key component of the redevelopment of a disused industrial area, transforming it into a vibrant hub of activity. Studio Lotus' project is a bold and creative answer to a fundamental question: "How do we transform a disused industrial area into a welcoming space for the community and for visitors?"
The heart of the Beer Garden consists of twin courtyards that provide a relaxing break from the hectic city life. The first courtyard, located at the entrance to the café, welcomes visitors into a green oasis, immediately creating a striking contrast and offering refuge from the urban chaos. The second courtyard, on the other hand, is enhanced by elegant pergolas that create a sculptural backdrop and allow natural light to flow into the café's interior.
The café also offers outdoor seating on the terrace, which can be accessed through a striking spiral staircase set in the central courtyard. Thanks to movable benches, the layout of the space can be changed to enjoy different views or simply to follow the daily path of the sun.

The architecture and interior of the Beer Garden draw inspiration from the area's rich industrial past. Confirming this close link with history, a pre-existing silo has been cleverly converted to house the kitchen and the café facilities, becoming a silent witness to the site's industrial past.
Combining past and present, nature and industrial design, the project created by Studio Lotus transforms the simple restaurant into an experience that celebrates history, art, nature and community, within a welcoming space that promotes sharing and interaction.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Studio Lotus, photos by Avesh Gaur

Project Information Sheet
Name of Project: Beer Garden
Location: Vikhroli, Mumbai
Name of Client: Godrej Properties Ltd & Studio Vikhroli
Design Firm: Studio Lotus in collaboration with Studio Vikhroli
Design Team (Studio Lotus): Ankur Choksi, Subrata Ray, Shamik Chatterjee, Sharvani Upadhyay
Design Team (Studio Vikhroli): Anubhav Gupta, Namrata Mehra, Ankan Mandal, Suparna Sethi
Site Area: 0.39 Acres
Built-Up Area: 5,000 sq ft
Start Date: 2018
Completion Date: 2022
Photographer: Avesh Gaur