Dominique Perrault wins the Praemium Imperiale for Architecture 2015

Gae Aulenti, Dominique Perrault, Toyo Ito, David Chipperfield, Renzo Piano, Steven Holl,

Paris, Berlin, Germany,

Sport & Wellness, Theater, University, Cinemas,

Sculpture, Film,

French architect Dominique Perrault wins the Praemium Imperiale 2015, an award given each year by the Japan Art Association for Architecture.

Dominique Perrault wins the Praemium Imperiale for Architecture 2015

The 21st October in Tokyo sees the awards ceremony of the Praemium Imperiale, founded in 1989 to honour the memory of Prince Takamatsu, who wanted an award that celebrated international artists in various expressions of culture.
The award is given each year by the Japan Art Association to exponents in the five cultural sectors chosen by special commissions among famous artists whose works have had an important international impact and have enriched the whole community.
The 2015 edition will see prizes awarded to Tadanori Yokoo (Painting), Wolfgang Laib (Sculpture), Dominique Perrault (Architecture), Mitsuko Uchida (Music) and Sylvie Guillem (Theatre / Cinema). The Grant for Young Artistswill be awarded to the Yangon Film School Myanmar / Headquarters: Berlin, Germany.
Architect Dominique Perrault is appreciated for his ability to design innovative buildings that integrate with their settings without ruining their historic and environmental features. His most important works include the Bibliothèque Nationale in France, the Velodrome and Olympic swimming pool in Berlin, the European Union Court of Justice in Luxembourg, the Grand Théâtre d’Albi, the Théâtre Nô in Tokamachi, the Fukoku Tower in Umeda (Osaka), and the Ewha Woman’s University Campus Centre in Seoul. Works currently under completion include La Poste du Louvre and the Hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris and renovation of the Pavillon Dufour at Versailles.
The Praemium Imperiale has been awarded to some of the most prestigious names in international architecture and the last five predecessors of Dominique Perrault have been Steven Holl (2014), David Chipperfield (2013), Henning Larsen (2012), Ricardo Legorreta (2011) and Toyo Ito (2010), while going back in time the international nature of the winners becomes truly apparent and includes Italians like Renzo Piano (1995) and Gae Aulenti (1991).

(Agnese Bifulco)