TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten Lakeside living – residential building at Griebnitzsee

Tchoban Voss Architekten,

Berlin, Germany,

Set in a picturesque location along the shores of Lake Griebnitzsee, in the Wannsee district of Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf, TCHOBAN VOSS ARCHITEKTEN has created the project for a residential building whose contemporary design blends with the lakeside nature.

TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten Lakeside living – residential building at Griebnitzsee

The TCHOBAN VOSS ARCHITEKTEN studio recently completed a residential project set in an exceptional location. The building, in fact, overlooks Lake Griebnitzsee, in the Wannsee district of Berlin Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The three-storey construction with underground parking is the result of a careful fusion between the research for a contemporary design and the topographic features of the area. The position of the building and its heights, in fact, are the result of a careful design, sensitive to the natural context. The building widens out towards the shore, following the natural slope of the land towards the lake. This design choice by the architects not only gives the building a majestic presence along the banks of the Griebnitzsee, but also allows occupants to enjoy breathtaking views of the body of water, in a harmonious blend of environment and architecture.

Its shape is characterised by sinuous curves that give the overall volume an aura of elegance and dynamism. The expressive window curves and protruding balconies help accentuate the façade and the overall shape of the building. These elements not only add a touch of elegance, but also offer spectacular views of the lake, bringing the beauty of the surrounding nature to the interior of the living spaces. The architects placed a particular emphasis on the connection between the interiors of the building and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Floor-to-ceiling aluminium windows ensure ample natural lighting inside the building. The façade of the building is the result of a clever combination of materials and textures that adds a touch of extreme sophistication to the construction. An attention to detail that is also apparent in the balcony balustrades, whose striped pattern echoes that of the vertical structure of the façade. This attention to detail creates a unique experience for the inhabitants, who are able to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. In terms of accessibility, the building has been designed to provide comfort and convenience to its inhabitants. The rooms on the garden floor are accessible via an external staircase located on the northeast side of the building, while all other living areas are accessible via a central staircase starting from the main entrance. The common areas are adjoined by spacious terraces and, additionally, the flat roof is partly set up as a common terrace, and partly as an intensive green roof. Access to the property is easily gained through a system of gates designed for both pedestrians and cars. The property is surrounded by a large garden with park-like features that enriches the residences with additional elements of beauty and tranquility.

The TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten studio will be the protagonist of the next episode of "The Architects series", the exhibition format curated by the THE PLAN magazine for the Iris Ceramica Group.

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Images courtesy of  TCHOBAN VOSS ARCHITEKTEN photos by Ilya Ivanov

Project Name: Residential building at Griebnitzsee, Berlin
Location: Berlin (Steglitz-Zehlendorf)
Client: STOFANEL Investment AG / ELEMENTS Natural Living GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
GFA: 1,410 sqm
Completion: 2023

Architect: Sergei Tchoban
Project partner: Axel Binder
Project leader: Liza Gradinarova, Andrea Moritz Team: Valeria Kashirina, Franziska Dorner, Manuela Peth
Structural engineering: Weiske und Partner GmbH, Beratende Ingenieure VBI im Bauwesen, Berlin
Building equipment: KLIMA VoM FEINSTEN Marko Augustat & Partner Ingenieure zukunftsfaehiger Gebaeudetechnologie, Berlin
Landscaping: KreTa Kretschmer Tauscher Landschaftsarchitekten Partnergesellschaft mbB, Berlin

Photographer: Ilya Ivanov