Pietra di Bilbao: the look of stone, the strength of high-tech ceramic

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Pietra di Bilbao is the Iris Ceramica collection offering a contemporary twist on the long tradition of stone in architecture. Living room, kitchen and bathroom, bedroom: any room in the home can be customised with the collection’s perfect balance of delicate colours and chromatic vibrations in neutral hues

Pietra di Bilbao: the look of stone, the strength of high-tech ceramic
A favourite material for use in architecture, stone, like wood, has been used for thousands of years by cultures at all latitudes. 
From its original function of weight-bearing element, stone began to play a variety of different roles in Roman times, primarily used as a covering material and taking on the decorative value it continues to have today.
The aesthetic value of stone has always accompanied the evolution of human homes, places of worship and important public places.
On the threshold of the year 2022, the design world continues to view stone as an important interior design solution, combining the aesthetic value of stone with the performance of the today’s top cladding materials.
And when it comes to performance, the best solution is undeniably high-tech ceramic
High-tech porcelain cladding offers a better combination of resistance, inalterability, durability and easy cleaning than any other material on the market. 
These parameters are certified by the highest industry standards and are the natural result of near-zero water absorption.
At the same time, high-tech ceramic has in recent years become available in an unrivalled variety of colours, effects and textures, in which stone continues to play a primary role.
In addition to immediate recognisability, the innate sensation of hospitality and comfort and the ease with which it suits a great variety of different styles and furnishings, stone offers aesthetic properties that are particularly appreciated today.
These include a basic background colour associated with a palette of neutral hues, features clearly seen in the new Pietra di Bilbao collection from Iris Ceramica.
Featuring colours ranging "from delicate sand-coloured hues to neutral and grey shades,", Pietra di Bilbao is a line of ceramic slabs "inspired by the natural elegance of stone, that captures its charm and style but with all the strength and versatility of porcelain".
Available in four different hues, Black, Grey, Ice and Sand, the collection features a selection of relaxing colours and delicate chromatic vibrations capable of covering indoor spaces for all kinds of uses.
The neutral colour palette is a timeless classic in surface coverings, continuing the trend that has made these colours so popular for residential, commercial and public spaces.
With its delicate yet bold hues abounding in natural details, Pietra di Bilbao is a surface with a bold character capable of underlining the most refined elements of interior design: warmth, hospitality, the sense of relaxation and easy matching.
The collection is available in the Natural and Soft finishes, in the 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 sizes, with the addition of two types of mosaic and special pieces such as the Elle Jolly riser and skirting board. 
Bilbao Ice is a shade of ivory white that sets off the light, like the other pale colour in the collection, Sand, a delicate hue of sandy beige.
Bilbao Black and Grey are the two darkest varieties, in different shades of grey, and can easily be combined with Iris Ceramica collections of bold impact. 
The recommended combinations include the Freehand collection of semigres wall coverings, featuring unusual patterns in softly graduated hues; the Ground collection, including surfaces with the rough, unfinished look of concrete, textured and dynamic with its irregular shading.
Pietra di Bilbao also goes well with the heterogeneous Whole collection, an attractive selection of styles featuring new interpretations of traditional materials such as wood, terra cotta, stone and majolica.
The highly diversified Iris Ceramica range offers a highly varied, evocative palette of colours, combinations and modules, ideal for anyone wanting to create their own style and give spaces all the originality of a unique personal touch.

Marco Privato