Harmony and balance between different materials: Iris Ceramica’s Whole collection

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Juxtaposing different materials is a key to creating fascinating, personalised spaces in the home. Iris Ceramica’s highly varied, elegant Whole collection makes all this possible with a range of textures including wood, stone, terra cotta and majolica.  Inspired by traditional covering materials, Whole’s warm colour palette brings new appeal to a great variety of spaces, indoors and outdoors, residential and commercial

Harmony and balance between different materials: Iris Ceramica’s Whole collection
How to give your home an attractive, original look? 
Designers and influencers are unable to offer one single answer to this common question, as there are no iron rules.
The first answer that comes to mind is not to follow any particular fashion or style, but allow yourself to be inspired by your own tastes and inspiration.
This is a good way to start, encouraging a personal, creative approach to interior design.
But you have to be very careful, because today it is very easy to allow yourself to be influenced or attracted by the design trends on display online. Attractive mix and match arrangements juxtaposing very different old and new materials, for example, always achieve their goal of creating a charming look.
But to create an atmosphere that is both harmonious and truly personal, it’s not enough just to accumulate different kinds of furnishings and objects, because, as in fashion, you may end up creating the opposite of the intended effect, making an impression of confusion and dissonance.
Harmony and balance ought to be your long-term goals, especially when working in small spaces.
And even if you don’t want to follow the rules suggested by various styles, to avoid obtaining unoriginal results, you can definitely combine different items and accessories, but with good judgement, sensibility and taste, that is, without going overboard or allowing yourself to get carried away.
Combining different styles, materials and colours is therefore one possible response to our initial question, a goal that can be achieved through attentive stylistic study of materials and forms
When it comes to floor and wall coverings, all this is perfectly clear in the Whole collection of ceramic flooring slabs, "a balanced synthesis of multiple elements in perfect harmony" from Iris Ceramica.
As we have stated on several occasions, floors and walls are the essential starting points of interior design today. The scene and overall atmosphere of the interior of any home is essentially linked to the choice of the best quality floor and wall coverings for the project. 
The evolution of high-tech ceramic we have illustrated over the years with our many moods and images demonstrates that surfaces are no longer literally just coverings, but true items and elements of design that add personality and character to spaces for everyday living.
Whole: a balanced synthesis of multiple elements
The result of the experience of Iris Ceramica, a leading Italian ceramics brand, Whole is a highly varied collection of 12 high-tech ceramic slabs featuring different effects - stone, wood, terra cotta, majolica - in warm, neutral colours that fall in between the extremes of Stone Black, Stone White and Chevron Maiolica White.
Whole is designed to inspire creativity and facilitate matching, drawing on a number of the key materials used in today’s interiors.
Whole’s variety makes it appropriate for contemporary spaces that draw on the traditions of the past without giving up the appeal and warmth typical of classic covering materials. The range is intended not only for indoor spaces but, with an anti-slip finish, for outdoor settings too.
Taking a closer look, the Whole Wood line explores the world of wood in hues of Lime, Acacia and Ebony and textures characterised by "a rich texture of knots and veining typical of old wooden planks that show the signs of time". The 120x20 cm size permits numerous laying schemes, from classical to creative.
Whole Chevron is a contemporary interpretation of the effect of terra cotta and majolica in the 120x60 cm size. The originality of these ceramic surfaces comes to life thanks to dynamic colours and the classic timeless "herringbone" laying scheme.
The five surfaces in the Whole Stone collection, Sand, Tobacco, Grey, Black, and White, offer a particularly expressive and intense new interpretation of stone.
A variety of sizes are available, ranging from 120x60 to 60x60 and 60x30 cm, with the addition of special 30x30 cm mosaic pieces. Thus Whole permits creation of attractive, welcoming, original spaces, with the utmost freedom to combine different materials, sizes and colours at will. 
Whole offers an appealing solution not only for homes but for commercial spaces and the hospitality industry, too.

Marco Privato