Astra Full Body: the natural feeling of contemporary spaces

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The warm, bright colours of Ariostea’s Astra Full Body collection convey the sense of the well-being and pleasure we associate with nature, starting with natural processes and carefully selected raw materials. 
The full-body ceramic surfaces of Astra and the other Full Body collections present an original continuity of composition, on the surface and throughout the body of the material, recreating the uniqueness and randomness of natural materials

Astra Full Body: the natural feeling of contemporary spaces
The beauty of nature has infinite potential for designers constantly in search of forms, elements and materials to stimulate their imaginations and creativity
Following handcrafting traditions and sustainable green trends, it is now easy to find furnishings and objects clearly inspired by nature, starting with materials such as wood, stone, bamboo, wicker and cork, and also including the many textures inspired by the botanical forms of plants and flowers. 
But designers are fascinated above all by the essence of nature, its unique and spectacular power. 
This look conveying harmony, serenity and wellbeing stands out on today’s decorating scene.
These are in fact the aspects reproduced wherever possible, with the goal of recreating the moods and atmospheres found in nature in our indoor and outdoor spaces.
This is the concept inspiring the high-tech full-body ceramic surfaces in Ariostea’s Full Body collections, inspired by nature in their randomness and originality, as well as use of the selected raw materials and minerals making up the full body of the ceramic slab.
The Full Body collections are the same all the way through, non-absorbent and vitrified at 1300 °C so that the entire slab is the same, on the surface and throughout its entire thickness. 
Thus the ceramic slab has the same technical, aesthetic and functional qualities right through, offering a homogeneous composition that is safe, strong, and unalterable.
The Full Body collections include the stone effect of Fragmenta, the Venetian terrazzo look of Accademia, and the new Astra Full Body collection presented in the gallery here.
Astra Full Body includes 4 warm, bright shades of grey, in the Astra Brume, Fog, Ice and Storm versions. 
Their highly natural basic colour makes these slabs appear "unique and authentically different from all the others". 
The delicate dynamism of the slabs’ fascinating exclusive hues, the result of a harmonious random blend of multicoloured slivers and grains makes them easy to mix and match with a variety of different materials and finishes.
Its many possible applications range from residential constructions to outdoor uses, from commercial spaces to public places, for projects in any style, from classic to contemporary, on indoor and outdoor floors and walls. 
CM2 extra thick slabs with an anti-slip finish provide elegant, natural outdoor pavements maintaining perfect aesthetic continuity with indoor spaces.

For use in public places, their very high resistance to wear and footsteps is combined with the advantages of easy cleaning.
The slabs in the Ariostea Astra Full Body collection are available on request made with exclusive ACTIVE SURFACES™, the world’s only photocatalytic, anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-pollutant ceramic, ISO certified and patented world-wide.

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