Apiacas Arquitetos Itahye House San Paolo Brazil

Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Apiacas Arquitetos,

Leonardo Finotti,

Sao Paulo, Brazil,

Ville, Residences, Bar,

Wood, Glass, Cement,

Apiacás Arquitetos designed a private home that maintains a profound relationship with the landscape in a protected nature reserve in Brazil. Leonardo Finotti’s beautiful photographs demonstrate how the building is embraced by its natural surroundings.

Apiacas Arquitetos Itahye House San Paolo Brazil

Itahye House, designed by Apiacás Arquitetos, has a profound relationship with the landscape around it, a condition perfectly documented in the photographs taken by Leonardo Finotti in which the building appears to be embraced by its natural surroundings.

The home stands in a protected nature reserve not far from San Paolo, Brazil. To fully enjoy the natural landscape and ensure that the architecture is surrounded by it, also in visual terms, the architects designed a composition of volumes, partly transparent or open, which intersect and take advantage of the natural slope of the site. Functions and spaces are organised on the basis of a route within the construction, which offers the home’s inhabitants glimpses and views of the panorama on different levels. The rooms and spaces in the home requiring the most privacy follow one upon the other in the rectangle, the only solid volume in the construction, filling the lot in the longitudinal direction and intersecting with the two big “portals” at right angles. Portals, because they are open volumes where the function of sunbreak or temporary closure is entrusted to mobile wooden panels. The living room makes use of the roof of the longitudinal rectangle as a sort of rest area on the route through the home, and all the living spaces are enclosed by glass walls permitting constant interaction with the landscape outside.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Apiacas Arquitetos
Team: Acácia Furuya, Anderson Freitas, Pedro Barros
Assistants: Beatriz Matuck, Caroline Endo, Chloé Morin, Cibele Mion, Francisco Veloso, Gabriela Uchida, Julia Borges, Otávio Filho, Thais Pimenta, Yuri Faustinoni.
Location: San Paolo Brasile

Images courtesy of Apiacas Arquitetos photo by Leonardo Finotti