Ateliers Jean Nouvel Monad Terrace residences in Miami Beach

Ateliers Jean Nouvel,

JDS Development Group, Alexia Fodere,

Miami Beach,


Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Kobi Karp designed Monad Terrace, a residential building in Miami Beach. The first, and so far the only, residential project in Florida by the French architect who won the 2008 Pritzker Prize, Monad Terrace consists of fifty-nine residential units overlooking the sea. Luxury apartments designed with customised furniture made in Italy, they enjoy panoramic views over Biscayne Bay and brightly lit private outdoor spaces sheltered by climbing plants.

Ateliers Jean Nouvel Monad Terrace residences in Miami Beach

French architect Jean Nouvel, winner of the 2008 Pritzker Prize, is completing his first residential project in Miami Beach, Florida. Designed in partnership with local studio Kobi Karp, Monad Terrace is a luxury housing development overlooking the lagoon in the Biscayne Bay, in South Beach, the famous part of Miami associated with images of sunny beaches, palm trees, sea breezes and relaxation. The location of the complex makes it easy to reach some of the principal cultural attractions in Miami Beach, but its unique character is a result of its natural setting, above the sparkling waters of the lagoon. Jean Nouvel explains that in order to understand what Monad will become in the future, we need to imagine the north and south façades as green filters covered with flowers, leaves and plant life. With time, a green wall will grow, protecting the privacy of the terraces and apartments, offering passers-by a view of a vertical natural landscape and mitigating the direct impact of buildings adjacent to Monad, to the north and south of the complex.

Monad Terrace is composed of fifty-nine residences with views of the bay, in which the architecture frames panoramas of the lagoon and the horizon. Each apartment is designed to "capture" the best qualities of the site and its position: free views over the bay, filtered by greenery to the north and south, the luxuriant foliage of the trees, the vicinity of the lagoon, and the outstanding view to the east and the sunset over Biscayne Bay to the west.
The residential units share a number of common facilities such as the lobby, swimming pool with hydromassage tub, gym, coffee shop and juice bar, wellness centre, bicycle and water sports equipment storage spaces, a private wharf, open-air spaces and tropical gardens. The residences are custom-designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel, and enjoy panoramic views over the lagoon with brightly lit private outdoor spaces sheltered by climbing plants of native species, such as bougainvillea and passionflower. The customised interior design for unit 1A features Italian-made furniture by the MORADA-Haute Furniture Boutique brand, inspired by Jean Nouvel’s architectural vision and by the natural elements prominent in the setting: water, light, the sky, and the lush vegetation. The interior finishes and furnishings are designed in neutral colours to create well-cared-for, elegant, comfortable spaces establishing a balanced continuity between interior and exterior.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images Monad Terrace x Morada Haute Furniture
Images courtesy: Interiors: Alexia Fodere, Exteriors: JDS Development Group

Project Name: Monad Terrace
Location: Monad Terrace, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
Architects: Jean Nouvel – Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Assisting Architect to Jean Nouvel: Aurélien Coulanges
Project Leader: Livia Tani
Architects: Marianna Volpe, Stefano Tonucci, Maximiliano Pintore, Mattia Merusi, Davide Marchetti
Computer Generated Images: Benjamin Alcover, Michael Kafassis
Graphic Design: Eugénie Robert, Vatsana Takham, Joséphine Bonne
3D Modelisation: Mattia Merusi

Interior Design: Sabrina Letourneur, Jennifer Kandel, Sophie Laromiguière
Landscape: Isabelle Guillauic
Studies: McNamara/Salvia, Inc. (Structure), Edwards & Zuck, LLC. (Building services), NV5 (Geotechnical), SLS Consulting, Inc. (Security), SLS Consulting, Inc. (Fire Protection), Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. (External layout)
Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design (Architects of Record)
Panadiscio & Co. (Branding Identity)