Aldo Rossi: Poetic Autobiography exhibition

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Galleria Antonia Jannone - Disegni di Architettura hosts an exhibition until December 16 featuring twenty-two never before exhibited works by Aldo Rossi, publicly exhibiting the private side of one of the great masters of Italian architecture.

Aldo Rossi: Poetic Autobiography exhibition

Twenty-two drawings on paper and boards created with a variety of different techniques between 1974 and 1996, selected by Aldo Rossi’s daughter and son, Vera and Fausto; works which have never before been shown in public. The exhibition presents a private side of Aldo Rossi which is nonetheless strictly linked with his work as an architect and as a historian and theoretician of architecture.
The selected drawings depict inanimate objects, animals, human figures and architectural forms, sometimes with the architect’s own projects in the background.

This is the case, for instance, of "Architetto pensando a una villa" (“Architect thinking of a villa”), in which Aldo Rossi’s self-portrait appears before some of his American house designs, or "Il Vaso di vetro" (“The glass vase”), a still life with, in the background, a miniature Teatro del Mondo or Theatre of the World, a project Aldo Rossi created for the 1979 Biennale in Venice.
The exhibition is made possible by a partnership between Galleria Antonia Jannone and Fondazione Aldo Rossi, and is accompanied by a catalogue with text by Morris Adjmi.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Title: Aldo Rossi. Autobiografia Poetica (Aldo Rossi: Poetic Autobiography)
Dates: November 12 – December 16
Location: Galleria Antonia Jannone - Disegni di Architettura, corso Garibaldi 125. Milan - Italy

Images courtesy of Galleria Antonia Jannone


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