Triptyque Architecture + Philippe Starck, TOG Concept Store, São Paulo, Brasil

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The architectural project for the TOG concept store in São Paulo, Brasil was designed by the firm of architects Triptyque Architecture under the artistic direction of Philippe Starck.

Triptyque Architecture + Philippe Starck, TOG Concept Store, São Paulo, Brasil

The concept of the first mono-brand shop in São Paulo, Brasil, was created for the designer furniture producers TOG through a collaboration between Philippe Starck and the architectural studio Triptyque Architecture.  
The idea of the flagship conceived by the architects outclasses the idea of the traditional shop by introducing a multi-functional space, not simply a retail outlet, but a place for socialising and doing different activities apart from shopping like creating, reading, dancing, eating, etc. - in other words, a contemporary version of Andy Warhol's Factory. The shop is spread out on diverse levels and also includes a garden and restaurant, Marakuthai for TOG, directed by Brasilian chef Renata Vanzetto
The building, an old 80s games club, has been completely transformed by the Triptyque architects. The contrast between the rough walls and the perfectly smooth floor has been kept although the surfaces have been totally whitewashed. The wall-free space is made up of an adaptable sequence of locations subdivided by pieces of furniture and glass and the lights, attached to a sort of industrial apparatus, are suspended from visible concrete beams on the ceiling. 

(Agnese Bifulco)

Architecture: Triptyque Architecture
Associates: Greg Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud e Olivier Raffaelli
General Coordinator: Luiz Trindade
Project Manager: Alfredo Luvison
Contributors: Guilherme Ramalho, Ulysse Baudet, Joana Telles, Bruno Cruz
Location: Rua Iguatemi, 236, São Paulo, Brasil

Images courtesy of Triptyque Architecture Credits pictures: Ricardo Bassetti



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