Lombardini22 L22 Urban & Building S32 Fintech District Sassetti Tower, Milan


Dario Tettamanzi, Carlos Tettamanzi,


Skyscraper, Co-Working, Offices,

Glass, Cement,

Milan has a new hub for the district that is being established as the centre of innovative high-tech finance, the Porta Nuova area: a tower block at Via Sassetti 32/2 designed by Lombardini22 - L22 Urban & Building.

Lombardini22 L22 Urban & Building S32 Fintech District Sassetti Tower, Milan

Lombardini22’s L22 Urban & Building business unit planned the renovation of a building constructed in 1990-1992 by engineers Franco Morini and Emilio Pereira (Studio Associato di Ingegneria Morini Progetti), transforming it into a flexible, modern hub featuring an innovative façade design, S32 Fintech District.

The distinguishing feature of the Sassetti Tower is its new uninterrupted glass facade, composed of a structural grid of horizontal and vertical elements which reveal the rhythm of the floors and extend beyond the surface of the terrace to add to the building’s sense of verticality. The solution adopted by L22 emphasises the presence of the tower in the set of buildings overlooking the pedestrian square, including the Region of Lombardy building. The architects eliminated the system of gates that closed the building off from the square. The new entrance of double height is made of glass, bounded on the outside by a giant order of pillars and architraves covered with stone: a material solution that underlines the connection of the base of the building to the ground in contrast with the lightness of the glass volume above it. Inside, the entrance hall of double height is a place for welcoming, meeting and serving users, while the underground levels contain archives, technical installations and parking spaces. The upper levels contain office space, completely renewed to ensure the utmost efficiency and flexibility of the spaces. The new organisation and layout of the spaces designed by L22 also permits creation of a new level containing an event hall and a big terrace from which to enjoy panoramic all-round views of the city.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: L22 Urban & Building - Lombardi22 www.lombardini22.com
Location: Milan, Italy
Photos: Dario and Carlos Tettamanzi