GMP, Olympic Stadium Kiev

Marcus Bredt,

Sport & Wellness, Landscape, Offices,

Metal, Cement, Glass,

The finals of the 2012 European Cup were played in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, reconstructed by gmp Architects.

GMP, Olympic Stadium Kiev
June 8, 2012 saw the kick-off of the European football championships, for which 8 new stadiums were built in Poland and the Ukraine. The first and last game were played in two stadiums designed by gmp Architects, the National Stadium in Warsaw and the Olympic Stadium in Kiev.

The Kiev stadium was a prestressed concrete building constructed in 1923 and renovated repeatedly since then.
The architects of gmp built new stands in place of the plinth structure built in 1948 and redesigned the areas reserved for the players, VIP guests and the press. Radical reconstruction was required to upgrade the facility to meet today?s safety requirements.

The existing structure was covered with a new metal one supporting the new membrane structure of the roof and the glass facade, which is lit up at night to make the stadium a landmark in the Kiev cityscape.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: gmp Architects
Images: Marcus Bredt, gmp Architects (drawings)
Location: Kiev, Ukraine



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