Gianni Arnaudo’s Building at Corso Giovanni XXIII in Cuneo

Gianni Arnaudo Architetto,

Cuneo, Italy,

Housing, Store,

Porcelain Tile, Cement, Glass,

A poetic image of the city of Cuneo combining historic and photographic memories: this is the idea inspiring the building at Corso Giovanni XXIII designed by architect Gianni Arnaudo.

Gianni Arnaudo’s Building at Corso Giovanni XXIII in Cuneo

Thorough study of context, defined not only in terms of the history of the city itself, but of the landscapes and urban landmarks in the area and a poetic image of the city incorporating historical and photographic memories: these are the keys to the design of a new building by the studio of architect Gianni Arnaudo at Corso Giovanni XXIII in Cuneo.

The poetic image is what an observant visitor arriving in Cuneo from Mondovì via the bridge over the Gesso River sees. At certain times of day the shadow cast by the row of trees along the avenue looks like a structure integrated into the walls of the buildings themselves, evoking memories of the city walls in a natural form.
ArchitectGianni Arnaudo restored this image in the project. What used to be just a decorative graphic sign acquires depth and becomes the building’s external weight-bearing structure. The materials used on the façade, such as clear glass in the balconies and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s Chromocode porcelain slabs to cover the walls, help reinforce the prevalent image of the structure.
The elements designed by Gianni Arnaudo fulfil their structural function while at the same time reflecting this history in natural form, helping the new building fit into its context and become a part of the city’s poetic image. And the image of the two rows, the first natural and the second artificial, is also a reference to the city’s history, because two rows of trees appear in the plan for the post-Napoleonic city.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Building at Corso Giovanni XXIII in Cuneo
Design: Gianni Arnaudo Architetto
Builder: Artusio Costruzioni

Images courtesy of Gianni Arnaudo Architetto