Technical innovation and ceramic quality: benefits and prevention with Granitech raised floors

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On the contemporary surfaces scene, the acknowledged and increasingly appreciated qualities of high-tech ceramic make all the difference, with their strength, flexibility, and easy cleaning and maintenance. Granitech raised floors, coupled with slabs made by the brands in the Iris Ceramica Group, represent a preventive solution for optimising and speeding up maintenance work in public places and workspaces

Technical innovation and ceramic quality: benefits and prevention with Granitech raised floors
The year that is about to end has revealed the essential importance of materials, which are more than ever the key to architecture and design in both new buildings and renovation projects both large and small.
Investing in quality materials is a choice that makes all the difference in the long term while offering a series of immediate benefits such as saving on household expenses, hygiene and maintenance in the workplace, and comfort in the hospitality industry.
Today’s architectural project, both large and small, tend to revolve around these aspects, with the addition of a pleasing aesthetic that remains unaltered over the years.
High-tech ceramic is a material that responds appropriately to a whole series of performance requirements, not only for floor and wall coverings but in custom-made furnishings too.
High-tech porcelain materials are the product of careful selection of raw materials, an aspect that immediately orients them toward top-level performance, as in the case of products made by the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in Italian-made ceramics.
In the products of its numerous brands, the Iris Ceramica Group combines traditional Italian know-how and craftsmanship with constant research and technical innovation. 
The result is ongoing improvement of ceramic materials, in compliance with the strictest industry certifications and with maximum focus on the environment. Evolution and pursuit of top quality in materials in accordance with the equation "ecology = economy", declared when the Group was first established, is now more important than ever, representing the company’s key value.
The many solutions offered by the Iris Ceramica Group to improve quality of life and spaces include laying of raised floors covered with high-tech ceramic and made by the Granitech brand.
Granitech has served the construction industry for two decades with customised design and assistance services for designers, private clients and architectural studios who decide to take advantage of the new technical solutions offered by porcelain slabs.
These innovative proposals include raised floors for interior and exterior use as well as ventilated façades
Thanks to the expertise of the Granitech team and the quality of the Iris Ceramica Group’s ceramic slabs, these surfaces guarantee a series of benefits including saving energy and money, preventing wear, flexibility, and long-lasting beauty.
Let us think, for example, of the requirements and problems faced over the years for the surfaces of countless public places and workplaces, such as offices, banks, agencies, institutions, factories, warehouses, shops, showrooms, dealerships and trade fair stands: only a few of the many kinds of space that are constantly changing, exposed every day to heavy-duty stress from mechanical and other sources, and will definitely require maintenance work in the long term (such as connections to electrical, telephone and IT networks).
Granitech raised floors for indoor use offer the perfect solution for all these everyday spaces. 
The floors’ surface is formed of modular panels composed of a calcium sulphate or ultra-high density wood substrate coupled with Iris Ceramica Group porcelain surfaces, all with plastic edging.
Appropriately positioned on the "raised" structure that gives them their name, Granitech raised floors create a utility cavity of a few millimetres which serves as a thermal gap between the floor slab and the floor itself while providing the space necessary for the passage of cables and various materials.
This system is laid without adhesive and offers a number of additional benefits: permitting quick, easy maintenance work on single slabs (limiting maintenance costs and time), and permitting inspection of the condition and pathway of installations such as ducts for supplying, extracting and treating air.
A practical, non-invasive solution even in the event of structural changes in the ground, raised flooring for outdoor use also consists of a sub-structure with polypropylene supporting elements on which 2 cm thick porcelain slabs are laid directly.
There are two possible types of supporting structures for outdoor flooring: fixed height and adjustable height.
The great variety of aesthetic effects offered by Iris Ceramica Group ceramic slabs makes raised flooring the perfect solution for redesigning and reorganising spaces, improving internal logistics (by creating new workstations or modifying existing ones, for example) and optimising spaces and furnishings.

Marco Privato


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