Prevention, wellness, savings: the benefits of raised floors

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Raised floors using the Granitech system with GranitiFiandre porcelain tiles are often used in business premises with a high concentration of technological installations. It is the perfect flooring system for improving organisation of space and comfort while giving designers the utmost creative freedom

Prevention, wellness, savings: the benefits of raised floors
The development of high-tech ceramics has brought a series of innovations in surfaces, expanding the possibilities for construction of residential, commercial and public buildings.
A number of innovative applications of porcelain have been developed in recent years, from textures inspired by natural materials (wood, cement, stone, marble) to maxi-slabs that boost our perception of space and give architects and designers more creative freedom.
Two particularly important systems are ventilated walls and raised floors, both based on a number of primary properties of porcelain, including impermeability and resistance to stress.
Granitech, a leader in the production and installation of raised floors (also known as floating floors), uses GranitiFiandre porcelain slabs in numerous projects in Italy and abroad.
The Granitech flooring system involves use of a floor which is suspended above the floor slab to create a technical space for the passage of wiring and electrical, telephone, hydraulic and computer connections.
Permitting maintenance work to be done by removing just a single floor panel, the Granitech system with GranitiFiandre tiles offers a number of immediate and long-term benefits, starting with elimination of the need to work on masonry, continuing with easy maintenance and laying of slabs, and, above all, improving prevention and saving time, money and energy
Preventive work of this kind lengthens a building’s lifespan and makes it easy to solve any problems that may arise in the future, which would require particularly invasive work in the presence of an ordinary floor, especially in workspaces with a high concentration of technical installations.
In structural terms, raised floors are formed of an upper finish and a supporting panel with a rim around its perimeter, followed by a lower finish. 
This is the GranitiFiandre porcelain slab, the part directly in view which people walk on.
GranitiFiandre offers a vast selection of raised floors to suit the structural requirements of different buildings, including business premises of different kinds such as dealerships, showrooms, trade fair pavilions, offices, banks and medical clinics. 
As well as saving time and money, the benefits of this flooring system include, in addition to those mentioned above, better organisation of space, optimisation of comfort and greater creative freedom in both construction and renovation.

Marco Privato