Seventyonepercent: new high-tech ceramic bathroom concepts

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Everyone wants a relaxing, comfortable and personalised bathroom. The Iris Ceramica Group’s high-tech ceramic expands the range of available solutions with new design combinations in which ceramic interacts with other prestigious materials, as in the new Seventyonepercent brand by Paolo Castelli. Traditional craftsmanship and technical innovation produce 100% Italian-made items for reinterpreting the bathroom in your own personal, exclusive way

Seventyonepercent: new high-tech ceramic bathroom concepts
In recent years a number of spaces in the home have seen an aesthetic evolution which has led these spaces, more than any others, to fully express the spirit of contemporary design and society.
Design is in fact a sign of the times connotating and interpreting various ages in history through the forms and functions of objects and accessories and the architecture of public and private spaces.
The spaces in the home that most reflect the impact of changes in society and the family are definitely the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom
These are spaces where experimentation goes hand in hand with technical evolution, and with a return to new and old materials, combined with the desire to customise these spaces in the home.
While continuing to serve their traditional functions, the kitchen and living room have come closer together in terms of living concept, and this has of course had a formal impact on their design. 
Both of them are in fact spaces for socialisation and dialogue, appropriate for either convivial moments or relaxing in front of the TV, for study or, most recently, for adaptation allowing work from home.
In all these ways, the living room and the kitchen have often become interchangeable, and this is the reason for the popularity of open-space kitchens with a view of the living room.
Today’s bathroom is also a place of experimentation and customisation, while maintaining its primary characteristics as an intimate space for relaxation.
The home bathroom has also changed in recent years, however, under the influence of the world of wellness and spas and of luxury interiors for the hospitality industry.
No other room in the home is a true oasis like the bathroom, where little concessions to luxury, attention to detail and the utmost customisation are supported by the latest design trends.
The solutions proposed for the bathroom of 2021 are highly diverse, but all share the same basic spirit: cutting out time for yourself in perfect serenity, to regenerate body and mind.
The desire for experimentation and customisation inspired the establishment of Seventyonepercent, a new business unit in the Iris Ceramica Group focusing on production of refined decorating solutions for wellness & bathrooms.
The collection launching the brand, designed by Paolo Castelli S.p.A., proposes fascinating new aesthetic experiences for a dynamic, discerning target constantly in search of authentic, distinctive design.
High-tech ceramic plays a central role in this exclusive interpretation of the bathroom, interacting, in the spirit of the most refined Italian design, with other prestigious materials combining advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship.
In this case, all production is entirely “Made in Italy”, not only due to the participation of Paolo Castelli S.p.A. and the Iris Ceramica Group, but supported by handcrafted production, design and engineering taking place entirely in Italy’s Emilia region.
The keys to the new brand’s philosophy are integration, balance and harmony
By combining these elements, "the bathroom acquires a new identity and becomes synonymous with an exclusive place for regeneration to be experienced".
Cross-contamination of spaces, one of the most refined aspects of today’s interior design, is a virtuous way of creating flexible contemporary spaces.
The element bringing everything together is balance, defined as a factor aggregating innovation and tradition, details of craftsmanship and the culture of design, aesthetic quality and practicality.
Lastly, Seventyonepercent views harmony as "a global guiding principle according to which elements that are distant and not related to each other, such as water and earth, can influence each other and coexist".
These factors give rise to the name Seventyonepercent, a reference to the interaction between water and earth, considered "the ultimate example in nature of balance and synthesis": 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water.
In Seventyonepercent, water takes on the role of inspiring muse, symbol of wellness and sustainability, in the context of conscientious design oriented toward the needs of the society of the present and the near future.
In the four lines Globe, Inspiration, Suite and Thirties, high-tech ceramic fittings are completed with other accessories, structures and finishes, such as mirrors, faucets, and prestigious metal trim.
All in a harmonious way, with refined contrasts or symmetries and extreme, constant focus on details and finishes. What stands out in the refined atmosphere of Seventyonepercent bathrooms is the atmosphere of exclusiveness and lightness, all-encompassing and elegant at all times.

Marco Privato