Originality and expressive power: coverings and furnishings inspired by agate

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In addition to traditional covering materials, high-tech ceramic can now faithfully reproduce the aesthetic properties of precious minerals such as agate. 
The versatility of the Iris Ceramica Group’s products makes the collection stand out for its great decorative and expressive power, as well as its realism and originality

Originality and expressive power: coverings and furnishings inspired by agate
One of the most important qualities of high-tech ceramic is its ability to reproduce the most original materials present in nature, reinterpreting them in ever-new and attractive ways.
Thanks to its extreme versatility, high-tech ceramic has cut out a key role for itself in the world of design and indoor and outdoor surface coverings within the space of a few years.
The catalogues of the key players in the industry include a great variety of versions of the most precious natural stones and marbles, as well as concrete, resin and wood.
More exotic and unusual varieties have appeared over the years alongside these classic materials, including the textures of precious minerals.
Stones that surprise for the realism with which they are reproduced and stand out for their great expressive and decorative value.
A symbol of the quality of the best Italian industry, the Iris Ceramica Group is one of the world’s biggest groups of companies concerned with the production of top-quality full-body porcelain.
Its brands design and produce outstanding products every day, beginning with the purest raw materials, just like natural quarried materials such as marbles, granites and age-old stones.
As we have seen, alongside these traditional covering materials the company has for some years been producing more innovative solutions, drawing inspiration from materials such as precious stones.
This is the case of agate, a multi-coloured mineral of timeless beauty. 
Its great variety of colours (a result of deposits of silica and petrified stone in nature) have always made agate popular for making items of jewellery such as necklaces, rings, pins and bracelets.
Its decorative power and particular colour combinations have also inspired makers of high-tech ceramics.
The gallery illustrates the Agata collection, including Agata Black, Agata Atena and Agata Blu, distributed under the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, Ariostea and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti brands.
"Irregular bands, often concentric and in contrast with each other, create a surface with a strong decorative value, where translucency, depth and opacity merge in a continuum of overlapping colours." Highly realistic with its material texture, the collection includes intense bold hues in the palette of blacks, beiges and blues.
The brands offer this surface covering in the large 300x150 cm size with a thickness of only 6 mm and a glossy finish to add even more power and vigour.
Due to the very nature of the material, its lightness and very advanced technical performance allow slabs of this size to be used to make manufactures or installations with smooth, curved and even backlit surfaces, adding new value for a great variety of applications.

Marco Privato