Maxfine Gemstone: the look of minerals for new ceramic surfaces

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FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s aesthetic research meets the refinement of minerals in the Gemstone collection, giving rise to high-tech porcelain surfaces offering a wealth of expressiveness and depth. Maxfine maxi-slabs enrich the atmosphere of homes and commercial spaces with elegance and warmth, recalling the primordial draw of precious stones

Maxfine Gemstone: the look of minerals for new ceramic surfaces
The technical innovation porcelain has introduced to the ceramics market adds value to surfaces in all kinds of contemporary spaces, primarily thanks to the potential of large maxi-slabs.
Within the space of a few years, floor and wall coverings, countertops and tables have become elements of design of primary importance in both new buildings and all construction projects for the renovation and restyling of spaces of all sizes.
The reasons architects and interior designers increasingly choose porcelain include features of its technical performance, such as resistance, inalterability, light weight and easy laying and maintenance, as well as its unrivalled aesthetic qualities.
High-tech porcelain can now faithfully reproduce a vast quantity of effects linked with classic covering materials (marble, wood, stone, resin and concrete), in many cases improving on the original materials and, above all, offering refined textures which react to light in surprising ways. 
The proof may be found in countless international projects in which high-tech porcelain is present as a covering material, but also as a surface for kitchen countertops, sinks, tables, shelves, steps, doors, sliding doors and curved surfaces, even backlit surfaces.
The new look of porcelain surfaces includes recent new products by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti inspired by the mineral world, in the Maxfine Agata collection and the Gemstone collection presented in the gallery here. 
Established in 1998, FMG is one of the top brands in the Iris Ceramica Group, specialising in innovative production of man-made marble, granite, travertine and natural stone
FMG’s motto of "Building According to Nature" inspires the company’s promotion of "a responsible choice expressed through production of man-made natural stone produced using the same elements as nature, in industrial processes that reproduce all the logic and characteristics of nature, pressure and fire" in its collections.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti also stands out for its ongoing ability to interact with the world of architecture through products designed to inspire architects’ and designers’ creativity
Examples include the new Maxfine Agata and Gemstone collections, the effects of which stand out for their refinement, depth and aesthetic variety, intended for residential projects but also for the contract industry and the world of hospitality. 
Their presence guarantees a warm, refined atmosphere, created in a highly natural way thanks to instantly recognisable graphic effects which are at the same time innovative for their new architectural function.
Broadening the range of Maxfine slabs, the Gemstone and Agata collections combine the versatility of the different applications and functions of maxi-slabs to create a ceramic product that is as unique and iconic as the minerals that inspire it.
While Agata is a surface of great decorative power irregularly combining a series of overlapping colours, Gemstone has a varied texture "that alternates crystallized areas characterized by visible inclusions with more homogeneous areas where thin veins delicately embellish the surface".
Available with a polished finish, Gemstone appears at first sight to be a covering in delicate hues, showy and elegant yet highly elusive, with their faded edges and 3D texture.
This original chromatic effect amplifies the spatial limits of a covering that expands its expressiveness throughout the area around it.
Pearl, Rose and Violet are the three colours in the Gemstone colour palette, ranging "from opalescent milky white, to pink fading towards lighter peach nuances, to violet simmering with wisteria and plum tones".
The collection’s sophisticated design is particularly well-suited to luxurious settings with rarefied, evocative atmospheres. Spaces such as living rooms and kitchens in contemporary style, as well as wellness facilities and boutiques, represent ideal applications for a collection that conveys to the senses all the age-old attractiveness of the precious stones inspiring it.

Marco Privato