New Ultra Ariostea marbles: the natural charm of neutral colours

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Original yet extremely natural, neutral colours continue to rise in popularity for surfaces and furnishings. The catalogue of Ultra Ariostea marble-effect high-tech ceramic slabs grows in 2021 with new Daino Grigio, Tundra Grey and Pulpis Bronze surfaces: versatile solutions permitting great creative freedom, easy matching and a refined series of applications in design, while maintaining the sober, delicate mood of their background colour

New Ultra Ariostea marbles: the natural charm of neutral colours
There are plenty of reasons for the great popularity of neutral colours in contemporary interiors.
First of all, neutral hues are naturally relaxing, with their reassuring, sober, snug feel; these are colours that strike a chord because they have been a part of our daily lives and living spaces for as long as we can remember.
The first homes of ancient humans were made of earth, minerals and other materials found in nature: all elements distinguished primarily by hues of brown and grey, the colours we consider neutral, along with various shades of black and white.
Neutral colours are of course highly versatile and easy to match with countless styles of furniture. Their continued success over the years is primarily due to their ability to blend in, the ease of creating contrasts and changing interior decorating style frequently.
They can in fact adapt without difficulty to suit either classic traditional styles or modern, minimalist or contemporary décor.
Other important considerations include the authenticity, simplicity and elegance that emerge whenever these materials are used: aspects directly tied with the world of Nature
Recent years have seen the massive presence in our homes of materials such as wood, stone, natural fibres, and wicker, with a widespread tendency to prefer eco-friendly furnishings. 
The presence of neutral colours on walls, tables, and floors is perfect for this trend, which will without doubt continue in the years to come.
It is therefore only logical that the high-tech ceramic industry should concentrate in particular on neutral colours, along with their extreme versions, black and white, offering a colour palette primarily exploring the potential of hues of beige, sand and grey.
This is the case of the new proposals from Ultra Ariosteasuch as Daino Grigio, Tundra Grey and Pulpis Bronze, implementing the vast range of Ultra marble-effect solutions and proposed as highly original surfaces for both traditional laying schemes and numerous applications in the world of design.
Ultra Ariostea maxi-slabs represent an innovative high-tech porcelain solution which can cover up to 4.5 square metres with a single 300x150 cm slab, also available with numerous sub-multiples and finishes and in a version only 6 mm thick, offering extreme creative freedom and flexibility for projects of all kinds.
The new 2021 collections of Ultra Ariostea high-tech ceramic solutions reinterpret a number of neutral hues, adding to their aesthetic appeal thanks to the possibilities offered by large size, such as design applications including furniture, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom countertops, consoles, stairs, doors and chairs
Daino Grigio is an original new interpretation of the veining of a rare and precious marble. 
Its irregular grooves, with different sizes and different depths of veining, give added charm to a ceramic slab that makes spaces appear to be crossed by a fluid motion almost like brushstrokes. 
The subtle chiaroscuro effect enhances both the dove-grey background colour and the numerous details, while the particular conformation of the surfaces permits creation of interesting textured effects by juxtaposing large slabs, adding breadth, dynamism and visual depth to spaces.
Inspired by a Turkish marble, Tundra Grey has a very subtle cloudy texture revealing all the expressiveness of classic stone.
Veining varying in intensity, but always delicate, characterises a slab that is perfect as either a traditional wall and floor covering or a sophisticated component of furnishings. 
From worktops to consoles, from cabinets to shower trays and vanity tops, Tundra Grey represents the perfect solution for customisation of spaces in the home or the workspace, as well as spaces for retail, wellness and hospitality.
The Tundra Grey surface also stands out for its extreme shine, set off by the Lucidato Shiny, Levigato Silk and Soft finishes.
Pulpis Bronze is an original warm colour in which "thin golden and hazelnut veins mark a luminous bronze background, creating an irregular pattern that plays with delicate shades and different levels of depth". Despite its neutral background colour, Pulpis Bronze is an extremely intense, enveloping surface capable of warming up spaces of all kinds, adding to their appeal with character and personality.
The surface is particularly recommended for spaces characterised by refined intimacy, such as bathrooms, saunas and wellness facilities of all kinds.

Marco Privato