New design trends: SapienStone countertops for the ideal customised kitchen

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The latest kitchen design trends of autumn 2020 are oriented toward maximum practicality and optimisation of space. SapienStone’s full-body porcelain offers the ideal solution, guaranteeing resistance, durability and easy cleaning. Delicate and abounding in detail, the new Palladium Grey, Black Diamond and Piasentina collections add to SapienStone’s highly varied catalogue of proposals for the modern kitchen, appropriate for both classic and contemporary styles

New design trends: SapienStone countertops for the ideal customised kitchen
The choice of kitchen furnishings is one of the most important moments defining the identity of the home interior, not only when choosing them for the first time but when planning a relooking or modernisation of the home, perhaps joining the kitchen with the living room
Each of these solutions requires a series of important aesthetic and functional decisions.
If, for example, we opt for an open-space kitchen, one of the most appealing trends of recent years, we will be creating a single large room free of visual barriers in which we not only eat lunch and dinner but relax, host guests, play games, study or work.
Even when designing a classic kitchen, or switching to a more contemporary, personal style, we find ourselves dealing with a series of needs and priorities. 
One of these is creating a space that will be long-lasting, functional and comfortable, no matter what its style.
It doesn’t matter whether we opt for a kitchen in modern, classic or vintage style, or create a single big space connected with the living room; the general trend is to optimise spaces and create a custom-designed environment.
So how can we make the most of the kitchen and adapt it to our needs?
One thing we can definitely do is pay special attention to the choice of materials: a technical and aesthetic step that has a decisive impact on the space we are designing.
In the kitchen we need materials offering great resistance, especially to high temperatures, but also to abrasion and scratching. This is a very important aspect, seeing as surfaces in the kitchen come in direct, prolonged contact with hot pots and pans, boiling liquids and coffeemakers.
Secondly, the kitchen countertop must be easy to clean and capable of maintaining its beauty and aesthetic properties over the years. 
The material that best responds to these requirements today is definitely porcelain stoneware, offering advanced performance which places it at the top of the range of kitchen countertops in terms of resistance and durability.

With decades of international experience working with ceramics, the Iris Ceramica Group recently established SapienStone, an innovative kitchen countertop brand and the first brand of ceramics designed specifically for home and professional (restaurant and bar) kitchens.
SapienStone draws on the Iris Ceramica Group’s experience to create customised kitchen fittings responding to all the needs of today’s kitchens, both large and small.
The performance of SapienStone countertops is the result of a process that begins with careful selection of raw materials made from ceramic clays and mineral colours that will not fade with time, as they are unaffected by such factors as heat, light and use of chemical disinfectants. 
The natural result is a highly resistant, long-lasting product that is ideal for the kitchen, for damp rooms such as the bathroom, and for outdoor tables and countertops. 
The SapienStone catalogue presents a vast range of full-body colours with veining, creating a look which is highly realistic in comparison with other, similar products.
Neutral and natural hues are the most popular trends on the kitchen countertop market in 2020, along with such timeless surfaces as white marble
The selection of images appearing in the gallery includes a number of surfaces from the latest SapienStone collections that respond to the demands of today’s kitchen market.
Black Diamond is an elegant variation on black with veining in original shades of beige, grey and gold to soften the colour scheme and give it a delicate, ethereal look. Black Diamond is not only an interesting solution for a variety of contemporary residential styles, but a perfect material for designing bars and gourmet restaurants. 
Warm, cosy Palladium Grey is an extremely versatile, practical surface that adds life to any space and is easily combined with other materials and colours. The subtle clouding of the big slabs makes them perfect for convivial spaces in classic style, with a refined vintage flavour.
Equally delicate, but more linear and sophisticated, Piasentina is a surface with a bold, resolute, well-defined character in which subtle pale veining crosses the surface at intervals, adding a touch of expressiveness and boldness. It can be used to create highly personal combinations, including contrasts with the wood look of Rovere Buckskin.

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