Hypertouch: a new technology from the Iris Ceramica Group boosting the functions of design

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In the year in which it celebrates its 60th anniversary, the Iris Ceramica Group presents Hypertouch, a new invisible capacitive technology applied to ceramic surfaces. A solution confirming the Group’s pioneering, enterprising spirit with a focus on innovation, Italian manufacture and improvement of quality of life and living comfort. Design, creative freedom and simplicity of use are only a few of the benefits of a solution responding to a new way of designing interior spaces, projecting ceramic surfaces into the future of smart homes

Hypertouch: a new technology from the Iris Ceramica Group boosting the functions of design
Innovation is one of the most important foundations of good design.
A key element making it possible to propose new solutions for living, anticipating changes in consumers’ lifestyles, tastes and aspirations.
In the world of surfaces, in recent years it has above all been high-tech ceramic that offers the broadest range of new functions.

Ceramic is an extremely versatile, non-absorbent, resistant material meeting the highest standards in the industry, combining the aesthetic beauty of the most advanced effects and colours with the latest technologies to offer new combinations of materials and reinterpret styles and functions from new points of view.
In this sense, introduction of maxi-slabs and printing on demand permitting reproduction of images and decorations on maxi-slabs are only a few tangible examples of the possibilities offered by the new materials.
Since 1961 the Iris Ceramica Group has been among the world’s principal pioneers in research and innovation in this area, transforming the vision of founder Romano Minozzi into reality: “innovation becomes not merely an aim but the underlying motor of a new strategy, a unifying principle that brings together the most change-oriented forces both inside and outside firms.”.
The companies in the Iris Ceramica Group adopt unique production technologies, "conceived, designed and built by the company in its own plants (in terms of know-how, mechanics and software) and protected by international patents."
The Iris Ceramica Group now adds another piece to this decades-long process of research and growth with Hypertouch, an innovative invisible capacitive technology applied to ceramic surfaces to further boost the functionality of their design.
Unveiled at Cersaie 2021 and marking the 60th anniversary of the Iris Ceramica Group (1961-2021), Hypertouch is a cutting-edge solution combining technology and creativity for increasingly smart environments.

An integrated system of domotic sensors allows Hypertouch to turn lighting, temperature control, audio-video and shading systems on and off by simply touching the ceramic. 
The new technology is easy to install and simple to maintain, all to ensure maximum living comfort and increasingly smart home management.
Conceived and patented by the Iris Ceramica Group, Hypertouch may be applied to any ceramic surface up to 12 mm thick produced by the Group’s brands.
The activated area may be identified in any of a number of ways, at the creative discretion of the designer, who may use sanding, screen printing or other forms of processing or identify the activated area using the commands supplied: minimal, transparent icons which are easy to apply and go with any colour and finish.
"Hypertouch surfaces are characterised by design, creative freedom and simplicity of use, interpreting a new way of designing interior spaces in line with contemporary living needs," making ceramic surfaces an important part of the smart home of the future.
Hypertouch is also available in the form of eco-active Active Surfaces®, patented and certified according to ISO standards, offering antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution, anti-odour and self-cleaning properties.

Marco Privato