The harmony and randomness of nature reflected in Stardust high-tech ceramics

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Porcelaingres reinterprets clay, a versatile material with a long tradition, through the evolution of high-tech ceramics. 
Inspired by nature at every step, the Stardust collection is composed of 40% recycled materials, underlining the company’s sustainable identity.

The harmony and randomness of nature reflected in Stardust high-tech ceramics
Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary design, due to both the beauty of its forms and the composition and qualities of the natural materials and elements human beings have always used.
The geological processes that naturally produce rocks, for example, inspire today’s high-tech ceramic, an increasingly common and widely appreciated material that is ideal for covering floors, walls and furnishings for indoor and outdoor use.
With a resistance to bending unrivalled by any other ceramic product, thanks to a moisture absorption rate of at least 0.5%, high-tech porcelain is a highly dependable, long-lasting and safe material.
Porcelain slabs have evolved greatly in recent years, drawing their inspiration from nature. 
First of all, the raw materials used to make them, a selection of minerals, clays, kaolins and feldspars, with the addition of colours of mineral origin, produce an all-natural composition.
The resulting highly automated production cycle employs kilns at ultra-high temperatures and pressures to reproduce actions that take place in nature over the course of thousands of years. 
The production process is constantly supervised to ensure that the final product is even better than the natural material inspiring it, in that it is extremely compact, without the flaws present in natural quarried stone, such as cracks, porosity, schistosity, air sacs and variations in hue.
These steps, combined with an ecological vision of the entire production cycle, characterise the high standards of Porcelaingres products.
In the company’s plants, "40% of the raw materials used come from recycled material and rainwater is recovered specifically and used in production".
Nature is therefore not only a source of inspiration but the horizon of Porcelaingres’s corporate mission, as clearly demonstrated in the recent Stardust collection reinterpreting a material human beings have known and used since the dawn of history, clay.
The apparent simplicity of Stardust expresses the authentic colours of clay in a highly versatile colour palette featuring neutral colours against which unusual shades such as aquamarine green and ocean blue stand out in contrast.
"The ceramic mix and the surface of the material is enriched with small coloured flakes, real ‘stardust’" giving the collection its name. 
This procedure further adds to the beauty and strength of the substance, producing 8 surfaces: Moonlight, Ground, Aquamarine, Terra, Ash, Lava, Ocean, Clay, available in 4 sizes with 2 possible thicknesses.
In aesthetic terms, the harmonious random blend of grains and flakes of various colours and sizes gives every surface a unique, original, highly contemporary look.
The collection is made of 40% recycled material, underlining the company’s sustainable vision of production. 
The production methods applied include LOOK+, simulating the unique, unpredictable qualities of natural and handmade materials.

Marco Privato


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