Fiandre ceramic surfaces: marble-effect floors, walls and custom furnishings

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New sizes and original solutions in green and white are among the new additions to the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces catalogue of materials for covering floors, walls and custom-designed architectural elements. The reduced thickness of Fiandre high-tech ceramic continues to evolve in interior design, offering a concrete response for residential, commercial and public spaces. Marmi Maximum further refines its range with sustainable submultiples such as 270x120 and 120x120 cm: practical solutions with no waste or cutting scrap, ideal for underlining and improving the habitability of indoor spaces

Fiandre ceramic surfaces: marble-effect floors, walls and custom furnishings
The marble effect is a design trend that continues to grow in popularity on the ceramic surfaces scene in the early months of 2021. The many reasons for this include the material’s innate shine and undeniable elegance, as well as its originality.
Marble is a highly various material offering a wealth of details and hues. The different types and aesthetic qualities of marble may be traced to their composition and the quarry they come from, with the different features of their place of origin.
The versatility of marble makes it perfect for floors and walls in practically any space in the home, particularly the living room, bathroom and kitchen. In addition to residential spaces, marble is the perfect covering for a great variety of applications, from design hotels to luxury boutiques, from wellness centres to clinics and offices. 
Marble maintains its elegance in all these situations, underlining the atmosphere of individual spaces with a sophisticated, timeless mood.
To these aspects, we may add the creative freedom offered by ceramic maxi-slabs, such as the Maximum collections by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, available in the 300x150 cm size and various sub-multiples.
In addition to the unique resistance of high-tech ceramic, Maximum’s properties include the flexibility and ductility apparent in its ultra-thin thickness of only 6 mm.
Lightweight, strong Fiandre Maximum ceramic surfaces can be used to create customised furnishings and architectural elements, in addition to their traditional uses covering floors and indoor and outdoor walls.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Marmi Maximum is a vast collection including well-known precious marbles in delicate hues with original veining. In Marmi Maximum, the colour palette varies from white to neutral hues and to dark and black marbles, often anticipating trends on the ceramic surfaces market.
It is with this view to innovation and great sensitivity to the world of contemporary design that the Fiandre brand recently introduced green varieties of Maximum marble, Alpi Chiaro Venato, Irish Green and Verde Fantastico, along with two refined whites, Apuano Purissimo and Invisible.
Alpi Chiaro Venato is a surface with a deep green background variegated with lighter and darker zones and illuminated by white veins. This refined line proposes unusual marble details featuring high-definition design and details underlining its highly decorative, expressive nature.
The inspiration for Irish Green comes, as the name suggests, from the colours of nature in the Irish landscape: "The bright green grass, brown earth, golden sand and grey Irish castles seem to come to life in this fascinating surface, proposing a marble defined as “savage beauty” by Oscar Wilde. The diverse hues of green in the background include lighter and darker shades, like the varying shades of the ancient marble inspiring the material.
Verde Fantastico is Fiandre’s third green marble. Inspired by a material of Iranian origin, this surface features a dark background "covered with white, brown and ochre details that create a snakeskin motif reminiscent of the rainforest". This bold surface covering is particularly appropriate for creating items of furniture such as coffee tables, shelves, consoles and seats of refined design.
Among the whites, Invisible features a white background covered with a mesh of grey veins of different sizes and sprinkled with golden speckles.
With its painstakingly designed details and surprising realism, Invisible is a maxi-slab that adds prestige and beauty to spaces of refined elegance.
Apuano Purissimo is a Marmi Maximum surface with a characteristic white background "interspersed with the lightest grey veins that fade into shaded areas". The essence of elegance, particularly appreciated for its ability to bring airiness and light to spaces, opening them up with its exclusive touch. 
New sustainable sizes: 270x120 and 120x120 cm.
The colours Invisible and Alpi Chiaro Venato are also available in the new 270x120 cm and 120x120 cm sizes, a recent addition that increases the number of Fiandre solutions available.
With the 270x120 cm size, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces makes it easier to design indoor spaces, as the size "conforms to the requirements of liveability, ideal for covering walls in the home" while avoiding cutting residues
The 120x120 cm size is designed to suit the standard size of shower trays
Two aspects revealing that surfaces are now considered true elements of design and furnishings, with customisation to improve the quality of living spaces.
These new sizes are new sustainable sizes, thanks to their greater practicality and reduction of waste at the building site.

Marco Privato