The exclusive elegance of Ariostea’s new Ultra Pietre

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In the evolution of interior furnishings and covering materials, stone maintains all its expressive power and continues to convey its traditional image of strength, compactness and unrivalled beauty. 
With its easily mixed and matched neutral colours, large size and possibility of creating customised furnishings and objects, Ariostea’s recently expanded Ultra Pietre collection comes in at the top of the range thanks to its unique combination of technical and aesthetic performance

The exclusive elegance of Ariostea’s new Ultra Pietre
The world of ceramic coverings has in recent years amplified its offer for the market with formerly unthinkable effects and textures
This technical and aesthetic evolution has offered a variety of styles ranging from the classic to the contemporary, permitting creation of customised spaces
High-tech ceramic, the most versatile of materials, facilitates new constructions and renovations, and is perfect for use in furnishings and objects for the home
But ceramics’ contribution to interior design is not limited to these important changes.
Floors with porcelain maxi-slabs define new architectural idioms with visual continuity, offering attractive, innovative looks appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
In this dynamic scenario, there are some materials which have evolved and been renewed more successfully than others, while always maintaining the classic aesthetic tradition.
One of the most obvious examples is stone, a material that maintains its ancestral attraction unchanged, suiting a variety of interior design styles ranging from the most minimalist to the most refined.
And so stone is seeing a time of renewed popularity, conveying its usual sense of compactness, strength and warmth.
Ariostea’s research has focused on stone effect solutions in large sizes, such as Ultra Pietre, recently implemented with new textures.
A leading brand among the principal producers of high-tech ceramic materials for floor and wall coverings and custom-made furnishings, Ariostea sets the standard for excellence in the field, with production of slabs of ultra-pure porcelain fired at 1300°C using patented technology with the utmost attention to the environment.
Ultra Pietre reflects the natural look of quarried stone, continuing to maintain the beauty and uniqueness that may be seen in nature.

The three new products Infinity Black, Galaxy Grey and White Ocean expand a collection of basic colours which are essentially neutral, creating a colour palette emphasising intermediate hues of grey and beige.
In addition to its bold yet elegant hues, the beauty of these surfaces is underlined by "subtle veining effects and smooth tones".

The 300x150 cm maxi-slab size and the texture of the soft finish means these new products are highly versatile for a great variety of uses and also appropriate for making designer furnishings and objects
This gives free rein to creativity and freedom of design to customise spaces in homes, offices, businesses, restaurants and outdoor spaces of refined elegance.

Marco Privato


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