Black and green, the trendiest new colours in the kitchen, in SapienStone’s Black Diamond and Alpi Chiaro Venato

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SapienStone high-tech ceramic surfaces stand out in the world of kitchen design for their unique technical properties, including resistance, versatility and easy cleaning. 
The vast SapienStone catalogue with its great variety of refined hues includes two of the most popular colours for kitchens in 2021: black, as in Black Diamond, and the deep green of Alpi Chiaro Venato, particularly appealing solutions adding character and elegance to kitchens in traditional or contemporary style

Black and green, the trendiest new colours in the kitchen, in SapienStone’s Black Diamond and Alpi Chiaro Venato
The kitchen has become one of the most dynamic rooms in the home in interior design in recent years.
Today’s designers see the contemporary kitchen as a constantly evolving space where there is plenty of room for experimentation with new surface coverings, appliances and solutions improving performance and liveability.
Despite all the changes in society in recent years, the kitchen continues to play a key role in the home as a convivial place where the family comes together.
The kitchen is a whole world in itself, and is constantly evolving as its forms adapt to the new standards, rhythms, timing and demands of daily life today even while its key functions and dynamics remain unaltered and anchored to tradition.
Obvious examples include the use of space and therefore the layout of objects in the kitchen: primarily, but not only, the appliances. 
Countless solutions involving recessed doors and walk-in pantries conceal essential parts of the kitchen while adding new appeal, practicality and order.
Islands and peninsulas are still very popular on the market for their practicality, allowing people to cook and socialise in perfect comfort.
Another distinctive feature is use of sustainable components as part of an eco-friendly awareness and vision of the home with an emphasis on human health and the environment.

In this area, in addition to energy-saving appliances and lighting, we can take advantage of all the innovative features offered by today’s new materials.
In addition to classics of kitchen design such as wood, stone and marble, we are now seeing growing use of a material offering truly unique performance, high-tech ceramic.
This is a material that makes a real difference in the kitchen, in both the short and long term, thanks to its outstanding performance and undeniable aesthetic qualities.

Examples of all this may be seen in the vast range produced by SapienStone, the first porcelain slab brand designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s home and professional kitchens, including restaurants, bars and cafeterias.
All SapienStone surfaces, from countertops to furnishings, are unalterable over the years as they are made out of ceramic clays and mineral colours which are not affected by factors present in the kitchen, such as heat, light, steam, or intensive use of chemicals for cleaning and disinfection.
SapienStone is a high-performing product also offering the virtues of other properties associated with porcelain, such as absolute resistance to high temperatures and to direct sunlight, permitting it to be used outdoors. 

SapienStone kitchen countertops are also resistant to scratches, abrasion and cutting, an important factor in the kitchen; as they have no protective paints or coloured resins, SapienStone countertops are much more resistant than other products available on the market.
Another factor not to be underestimated is easy cleaning, another pressing need in everyday life. SapienStone ceramic slabs do not suffer from contact with acidic liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar, or with various chemical products, and can be cleaned with ordinary soap or detergent.
Black and green: trendy colours in the kitchen of 2021
Going on to look at their aesthetic qualities, SapienStone has anticipated a number of this year’s colour trends, introducing a number of varieties in the past months featuring hues of black and green, two of the most popular colours today.
The gallery presents fascinating kitchen solutions featuring Alpi Chiaro Venato and Black Diamond surfaces.
The inspiration behind the trend toward dark colours such as black and deep, dark green is the creation of elegant, original, glamorous spaces.
Both of these colours add appeal to the kitchen with their intense, enthralling atmosphere revealing the many details of the ceramic surface
The versatility of Alpi Chiaro Venato and Black Diamond is apparent, as the two surfaces can easily be matched with accessories and finishes in lighter or neutral colours.

Refined, original Black Diamond is a surface with a bold, refined character thanks to its warm background and subtle pale veining, delicately wrapping around the ceramic slab. 
Much more dynamic, Alpi Chiaro Venato features an intense pattern in which lighter areas, speckles and veins of white stand out against a green background, like pictorial details, with magnetic charm.
This series of features ensures that the two surfaces are perfect for either traditional styles or more contemporary kitchens, in both cases maintaining all the expressive power of true designer furnishings.

Marco Privato